Creative and effective tools for marketing furniture.

Finally, presentation materials that convey the quality of your furniture.


Custom printed 3-ring binders for furniture - Corporate Image

Stronger, better made options to show you furniture.


We construct our  3-ring binders by pressing the hinge directly into the board, creating the strongest hinge possible. We have had them lab tested to 250,000 flexes without fail, so even if you have heavy samples, the binders will stay even and in one piece for as long as you need them.


We offer full printing  outside and inside of your binders, pocket and sample folders.  The quality of the printing is always held to our exacting standards, so you always get the best possible outcome.

Don’t be limited! Print both the inside and out on our binders, pocket folders and boxes. PMS colors, spot UV, and varnishes all add to your options!

pocket folders for marketing furniture - Corporate Image


We offer a choice of Gloss, Matte and Soft Touch laminations. Soft touch adds a smooth, silky feel in the hand that arouses interest and increases protection.

Cloth and Fabric

We also have over 240 cloth options to choose from. From natural weaves to bright colors, you can showcase your furniture in a complimentary, elegant style..


Over the last few years, Corporate Image binders have won Best Binder in North America 4 times and Best Binder in the World once. On top of that, we have won 19 industry awards for everything from Medical Marketing, In House design, Construction Marketing and many more!


Custom printed furniture binders - Corporate Image


We have a wide range to fit your designs. From mini binders to 54″ architect sample folders, pocket folders of all types, and boxes from paperboard, corrugate and turned edge rigid boxes, you can match all of your presentations materials from products and proposals.


Not only will we help you design your 3-ring binders, sample folders and boxes so your materials fit perfectly, we will also give you custom templates to ensure your artwork is exactly where you want it. Whether you need to display metal finishes or a full product catalog, we can help you design the perfect folder for your needs.


The Corporate Image team will help you on your project from initial ideas to final manufacturing. Our in-house product designers will create templates and mock ups of custom products to insure correct sizing and art placement, while our sales team can consult with you on finishes, construction styles, cloth types, printing issues and closure options.

Custom cloth covered binders and turned edge boxes - Corporate Image


Corporate Image: Employee owned, US manufacturer creating the best of custom 3-ring binders, pocket folders, tab dividers, boxes and packaging.


contact Corporate Image request information and more - corporate image Samples

Designing Presentations For Financial and Insurance Uses

Upgrade your presentation materials for your financial products.

folders and presentation materials for financial and insurance industry - corporate image

Corporate Image specializes in financial presentation materials

Banks and financial organizations are known for their attention to detail. We work with them to make sure their marketing materials meet their standards.

Pocket Folders

Versatile handouts for new accounts, insurance proposals, tax returns and conferences, pocket folders offer a wide range of options for creating a unique folder that represents your brand and stays within your budget.

Pocket folders for the contract and furniture industries - Corporate Image

Physical options. Pocket folders can be as unique as your products. Our options include vertical pockets, card cuts, brochure slits, portfolio closures, cut-outs and even moving parts.

Printing options. Explore the full range from spot UV, debossing, foil stamping, spot varnish, PMS colors, full 4 color process printing and much much more.

3-ring binders

Financial information kits and binders - Corporate Image

For employee on-boarding, fundraising, training binders, and more permanent information, a 3-ring binder offers the tactile solid presence that reinforces your brand.

With endless design possibilities from cloth and print options, foils and debossing, and a whole lot more, your products can stand out no matter where they are.

Corporate Image can help you with your binders, tab dividers, and the inside pages.

Boxes and Marketing Kits

Custom printed boxes for the financial industry - Corporate Image

Some projects need more and a custom marketing kit can help keep it all together.

Need help designing your project? No problem. Our in house packaging designers will help you create the package, as well as make you custom templates and full size mock-ups.

Paperboard, Corrugate or Set-up boxes. No matter what kind of box you need, we can help you. From paperboard boxes for smaller, less heavy samples to corrugate and set-up boxes for your heavier needs.

Make everything match. Since we create everything in-house, the printing on your folders will be as high quality as your boxes and binders.

Designing Marketing and Sales Kits for the Contract Industry

From architectural proposals to building supply sample kits, get presentation materials as amazing as your products.

presentation materials for building supply - Corporate Image

Raising the bar of excellence to get you noticed.

We believe in aiming high. We deliver excellence from service to finished product. Sustainable papers and board, stronger hinges, innovative designs, and a wide range of finishes combine to help your presentation rise to the top.

3 ring binders with portfolio closures- Corporate Image

Whether you are showing flooring, tile, glass, carpet, wall covering, windows or the information for your vision, these cased and lined boards are idea for you. Available in 3, 4, and 5 panel architect folders ( up to 54″!) to standard portfolio binders. Customize with cloth, print, foil, Spot UV and Varnish and custom window cuts to get the exact look and feel you want, while protecting and showcasing your product.

large format 3-ring binders and architect folders - corporate image

Our binders and sample books were lab tested to 250,000 flexes, meaning you could use the binder 20 times a day for over 30 years. If your binder is your product catalog, this insures it looks and works well long after your competition has fallen apart.

Made of sturdy 100% post consumer waste binders board, cased and lined with printed sheets or cloth, our binders and sample books start as a blank canvas for your project. We flex a hinge directly into the board, creating not only a strong hinge, but a unique opportunity for different options such as round spines.

Custom Printed Sample kit - Corporate Image

Easily show heavy samples for flooring, siding or tiles. This offers a clean design that is easy to work with at home, or at the office of an interior decorator.

Have a lot of samples? Showcase them in an attractive box

A custom box makes an excellent sample presentation. When you have too many options for a binder, a custom corrugate solutions can get you exactly what you need. With all the customizing options, your sample kit will have great shelf and desk presence as well as ease of use. Corrugates have a wide range of print options and can be designed to hold almost anything you need them to!

Corrugatecustomboxescorrugated custom box for samples

We help you with product design

Corporate Image understands that your projects are unique and can work with you to find a solution that works for what you make. Our in-house product designers work with your sketches and ideas to create mock-ups and templates. You will know exactly what you are getting before you order.

A sample folder can take many forms, and different materials require new solutions. We can help create a beautiful sample book no matter how you want to showcase your products and finishes.

Corporate Image innovates and delivers exceptional products for you. Let us help you get the support and quality you need for fantastic presentations, and lower stress levels!

Samples request information and more - corporate image contact Corporate Image

Custom Pocket Folders with Capacity

Sometimes you need more room in a pocket folder.

A standard pocket folder has no spine, limiting how much paper you can fit into the pockets (about 20 sheets). Sometimes that is not enough.  If you need more room you have several options that can help you get what you need without breaking the bank.

Capacity Pocket Folders

high capacity custom pocket folders - corporate image

For those of you who have larger information needs but don’t need a binder, a capacity pocket folder is the way to go.

A capacity pocket folder has two scores at the spine so the spine can be more than a single flat score.

Depending on the pockets you chose and the spine width (1/4 inch is fairly standard), you can fit much more information as well as having better shelf presence by branding the spine. Inside the capacity pocket folder you have more to think about. Depending on what you need, you can have box pockets (either vertical or horizontal).



Expandable Pocket Pocket Folders

custom pocket folders with high capacity - corporate image

An expandable pocket allows you to use the same folder for a meeting with 10 sheets of paper and a conference with 50.

One of the benefits of this pocket is that the folders can ship flat.  A box pocket is amazing, but takes a lot of space resulting in larger shipping costs and more storage space.

Upgrade Your Current Pocket Folder with a Custom Folder

 Corporate Image produces pocket folders that really stand out. With a huge range of pocket folder templates to choose from, and product designers who can help you customize to fit your needs you can always get what you need!

Customize your pocket folder with foil stamping, embossing, debossing and custom die-cuts, as well as aqueous coating, varnish, spot UV printing, PMS and full 4 color printing. Our laminates range from gloss, semi-gloss, and soft touch (which adds a tactile silky feel to your folder).

In addition to our standard 1 and 2 pocket folders, we offer folders with file tabs, folders with capacity, glueless folders with a box pocket and tri-folders. Standard business card cuts and brochure cuts can be added to horizontal folder pockets at no charge.  We have a standard or custom folder to fit every budget and every business.


Samples request information and more - corporate image contact Corporate Image



Great 3-ring Binder Designs

Design Projects of the Month: June 2016  – 3-ring Binders

Showing the great products that go through our production facilities is one of our great pleasures. We see so much amazing design that is inspiring to designers across North America.

This month, our binder picks went to three very different projects. Gray’s Tied House created small, mini binders to be used as bar menus. Kathleen Leonard, who sells beautiful high end real estate in Sonoma and Napa counties in California, went with a lovely short run binder. Our third pick is a new product we are releasing! We now make tabloid size printed binder and architect folders (sample books for architects that hold flooring, textile, tile, glass and other building samples) up to 54″ long.

Check them out and learn more about them!

Gray’s Tied House – small binders for Bar Menus

custom printed bar menu binders - corporate image


Kathleen Leonard – short run Real Estate binders

custom printed short run binders - corporate image


Corporate Image – new offering! New large size fully printed binders and sample kits for architect folders, flooring sample kits and more!

large format 3-ring binders and architect folders - corporate image

See more 3-ring binder designs here!

Custom, Printed Binders: short runs, great quality

Now, your short run custom 3-ring binders can be whatever you can dream.

Our 3 ring binders  have won both ‘Best Binder in the World’ and ‘Best Binder in North America’ (4 times!). When you place your order you know your binders are strong, sustainable binders with top quality printing matching the attention to detail and craftsmanship that you put into every aspect of your company.

custom printed short run binders - corporate image

Low quantity custom binders are no problem.

Our short run binders are digitally printed with a high quality printer giving you full bleed images that cover the entire binder. The printed sheets are then laminated with a natural matte laminate that protects them from scuffing and water damage.

Sustainable, recyclable, and strong, these binders

Short run binders are available from 50 to 350 binders, offering a great option for conferences, meetings, and training binders.

How does this compare to a vinyl binder?

It doesn’t. Corporate Image makes recyclable binders that are non-toxic. Our printing is better, the binders last longer, don’t poison the environment or go to landfills, and they look much, much better.

When considering your brand or corporate image, consider whether a vinyl binder sums up what you are trying to say. If not, let us send you a sample to show you how much better your materials can look and feel.

The Corporate Image digital binder combines all of quality we are known for with the lower quantities you need.

 Samples request information and more - corporate image

Custom, printed pocket folders – Designs and options

Make the custom pocket folders that wow.

A pocket folder doesn’t have to be boring. From vertical pockets, custom closures, window cuts, and unique designs, a pocket folder can be a brilliant piece of design.

Corporate Image offers a wide range of options that take your pocket folder from ordinary to extraordinary.


From tuck flap closures to velcro, Corporate Image can help keep your pocket folder information safe. A portfolio pocket folder has a flap that wraps around the open end of a pocket folder helping to keep your information safe. We have designed folders with many unique closures to match our customers brand!

pocket folder closures - better ways to close a pocket folder - Corporate Image

pocket folders with unique closures - Corporate image


Need a pocket folder that leaves an impression? We can help!

DORMA makes sliding door systems, so they wanted the closure on the folder to mimic their products. This folder has a sliding panel that velcros down to close the “door” on the folder. The result is unique, eye catching and leaves a lasting impression on everyone who picks it up!

pocket folders with cool closures - Corporate Image



Sustainable pocket folders.

When your company demands the most sustainable pocket folders in the world, you can turn to our glue-less pocket fiddlers. The pockets close with tuck flaps to form horizontal or vertical pockets, and as the name implies,  so there is no glue involved in manufacturing this folder. What results is an elegant pocket folder that clearly speaks about who you are as a company and your values.

sustainable, recyclable, cool pocket folders - corporate Image

A Pocket Folder with Room.

One pocket folder can handle all of your needs, from 1 sheet of paper to 50.

An expandable pocket folder can take care of a wide range of needs with an ingenious system that allows you to pull out the pocket to 1/4″ capacity when needed.

If you always need a lot of paper or a catalog to go into your pocket folder, a box pocket offers a strong platform for information you know is always going to be there. For booklets or brochures, conference information pieces, and proposals, a box pocket offers the room to handle what you need

expandable capacity pocket pocket folders - Corporate Image

contact Corporate Image QUOTE Samples



Great 3-ring Binder Designs of the Month

This month, we picked three binder projects ranging from half sheet sized bar menu binders to large 5 fold architectural binders.


Gray’s Tied House

Custom printed menu and bar binders- Corporate Image

About Gray’s Tied House:

Gray’s Tied House is a contemporary version of the traditional tied house that emerged in england during the 18th and 19th centuries. During that time beer was available at two types of public houses (pubs). A “tied house” was owned by a brewery and sold only beer that it brewed, while a “free house” was privately owned and featured beers from multiple breweries.

As the name implies, gray’s tied house serves products manufactured by the gray brewing company founded in 1856 by joshua gray, an irish immigrant. Since then, gray’s has continued it’s tradition of producing the finest handcrafted beers, ales and sodas in its quaint brewery and bottling facility in Janesvile, Wisconsin.

custom printed bar and menu binders - corporate image

Gray’s Tied House


These notebook sized binders are being used for bar menus at Gray’s Tied House. Protected by lamination, they can be wiped down if needed, but present a classy and sturdy way to present your menu.



Kathleen Leonard

Custom printed short run 3-ring binders - Corporate Image

About Kathleen Leonard

Kathleen Leonard specializes in helping people sell and buy exceptional properties in the California Wine Country — just north of the Golden Gate Bridge. This is where she lives, works, entertains friends, and enjoys the good life with her husband, Bob Leonard. Kathleen founded Own the Wine Country in 2003 to help all of her clients achieve their real estate dreams in this beautiful area.

strong, short run printed 3-ring binders - corporate image

Kathleen Leonard


This binder captures the beauty of the wine country while offering a perfect binder for holding information, options and news of the wine country real estate.


Architect Folders – New product!

Architect folders and sample binders for flooring and interior design- Corporate Image

About Architect Folders

Whether you call them ringless sample binders, architect folders or sample folders, Corporate Image has worked to make a better option for showing your flooring and interior design samples. These ringless binders are strong enough to hold glass, tile, carpet and wood samples, all while sitting flat on the shelf and offering full printing and lamination options. Available in 3, 4 and 5 fold options up to 54″ long.

With room for mounting samples on the panels, when closed, the architect folder is concise and easy to carry.

3,4, and 5 folder architect folders - corporate image

Architect Folders


Flooring, tile, and finishing samples need to be seen and touched. The architect folders give you the real estate to show an entire line at once, making it easy for customers and architects to decide which direction they are going.

See more great binder projects here!

GDUSA 2016 InHouse Design Award Winners

GDUSA held it’s national InHouse Design Award and two of our clients won!

This year pattern is everything.


Custom cloth and foil stamped 3-ring binder - Corporate Image

Custom printed cloth 3-ring binders - Corporate Image

custom strong cloth and foil stamped 3-ring binders - corporate Image


A cloth covered 3-ring binder with white foil stamping which also sports a large debossed pattern on the front cover that really makes it stand out.

3-ring binder Specs:


2-15/16” w x 11-5/8” h Flexhinge Binder w/ 4-1/4” square spine. 3” Slant-D ring. 2 versions: Haworth has 2 areas white foil – 2” x 1/4” & 5” x 1/2”. Surface Collections has 2 add’l areas of 2” x 1/4”. All have deboss area 5” x 12”on front cover. Finger pull & Bus Card Pocket applied.

Tucker Advisory Group

Custom printed and spot UV 3-ring binders with closures - Corporate Image

custom printed portfolio 3-ring binders - corporate image

custom printed and spot UV 3-ring binders - corporate image

Tucker Advisory Goup

A beautiful portfolio closure binder that combines 4 color printing with some of the most interesting spot UV we have ever seen.

Tucker Seminar Kits binder specs

10-7/8” wide x 12-1/4” high Custom Flexhinge Portfolio Binder with (2) square spines (1-3/4) and (1-5/8) with a 1” Black D-Ring. 3” Portfolio flap with Magnetic Closure.

2C PMS: 1585 & Black + Spot Gloss UV–Cover
1C PMS: 1585 + Spot Gloss UV–Liner

Natural matte lamination

Award winning custom 3-ring binders is just part of what we do. From custom binders, pocket folders, boxes and packaging we work with our clients to produce the presentation materials that make you stand out in your field. US made and employee owned, Corporate Image takes care of the details, from product design to shipping, so you don’t have to.

See more of our projects here!

Architect Folders, Sample Folders and really big, big Binders

Show your flooring, tile, glass and other architectural samples in stronger, better made folders.

now available in 3, 4 and 5 panels.


architect folders, sample folders and ringless binders - Corporate Image


We construct our architect folders and 3-ring binders by pressing the hinge directly into the board, creating the strongest hinge possible. We have had them lab tested to 250,000 flexes without fail, so even your heavy sample folders will stay even and in one piece for as long as you need them.

Sit flat construction

Sick of having uneven sample folders? At Corporate Image we are very aware that architect folders and binders should sit flat on a shelf. Our manufacturing methods insure a straight even hinge every time, so your sample folder will stand well.


Depending on your needs, we can print on one large press sheet (no seams on the folders) or in two press sheets depending on quantity. The quality of the printing is always help to our exacting standards, so you always get the best possible outcome.


We offer a choice of Gloss, Matte and Soft Touch laminations. Soft touch adds a smooth, silky feel in the hand that adds interest as well as protection.


Over the last few years, Corporate Image binders have won Best Binder in North America 4 times and Best Binder in the World once. On top of that, we have won 19 industry awards for everything from Medical Marketing, In House design, Construction Marketing and many more!

From mini, notebook sized binders, standard 3-ring binders to 54″ 5 fold sample folders, we specialize in creating custom products that exceed your expectations and wow your customers.


architect folders, sample folders, and ringless binders - Corporate Image

Contact us to learn more!

How to make a Graphic Designer happy.

A: Make their life easier.

Graphic designers work long hours for customers who have vague and changing idea of what they need and want. Generally, by the time a project is ready to go, there is a rush because of last minute changes.

Sound familiar?

sustainable, printed 3-ring binders - Corporate Image

We make the print production side of your custom binder, folder or box design easier.

Our sales team have over 50 years of collective experience in printing processes, materials, coatings, sizing and finishing techniques and will work to get you what you want when you need it. We can send samples and even mock-ups of new products to test sizing and fit.

You will also get custom templates to make art set ups easy. Did something change in your design brief? Our in-house product design team can re-design, re-size and work with you to match your new specifications.

As an employee owned business, each and every one of our owner / employees watches out to make sure your project is perfect – from printing to packing – so you don’t have to worry about last minute “surprises” when your customer opens their order.

Let us help make your life easier, whether you have a project going on now, or want some information for the future. Find out more!

For galleries of our work:

3-ring binders          Pocket folders         Tab Dividers          Boxes and Packaging


How many pages do pocket folders hold?

Knowing how much paper a pocket folder holds can keep your presentation, conference or meeting neat and organized.

1 or 2 pocket folders with flat pockets

A flat pocket in a pocket folder and a flat spine will hold about 15 sheets, which means a 2 pocket folder can hold 30 sheets.  This may mean your folder feels pretty full and has a bit more heft.

custom printed 2 pocket folders - corporate image

1 or 2 pocket folder with a capacity spine

The capacity spine is very helpful, even with a flat pocket.  The pocket folder doesn’t bow open and so sits better when full. Added bonus, each pocket can hold 20 sheets. So a 1 pocket folder would hold 20 sheets, a 2 pocket – 40 sheets.

capacity pocket pocket folders - Corporate Image

Pocket folders with capacity pockets

There are two possibilities here.

Expandable pockets can hold up to 50 sheets of paper (each). These pockets sit flat until you need them, then they fold out. Great if you have variable amounts of data  that you need to hand out.

Box pockets in pocket folders are the other option.  These can be as big as 1/2″ to 3/4″ so they hold a lot of paper. We would suggest looking at other options at the 3/4″ size, as the weight of the paper can become an issue. Also, if you are creating a 2 pocket folder with box pockets, you may consider 1 flat pocket and 1 box pocket or two smaller box pockets for stability.

expandable capacity pocket pocket folders - Corporate Image

When designing your next custom pocket folder, try to get an idea of how it will be used and if there is a set amount of materials going into it.  The expandable pocket folder offers the most range if the materials are variable.

Let us help you get the custom pocket folder that fits your needs

Can you get great printed binders in low quantities? Yes, you can.

Get a binder with all the quality in small amounts.

Now when you need custom 3-ring binders for a conference, meeting or proposal, you don’t have to sacrifice your design standards.

Corporate Image has produced 3 ring binders that have won both ‘Best Binder in the World’ and ‘Best Binder in North America’. Our production team are craftspeople, producing strong, sustainable binders with better quality printing that match to detail and craftsmanship that you put into every aspect of your company.

Custom printed short run binders - corporate image

Get as few as 50 custom binders.

Our short run binders are digitally printed with a high quality printer giving you full bleed images that cover the entire binder. The printed sheets are then laminated with a natural matte laminate that protects them from scuffing and water damage.

Fully cased and lined like a hardcover book, these binders look great, are stronger than any other binder.

How does this compare to a vinyl binder?

It doesn’t.

From art possibilities, strength and quality of construction, to sustainability, a Corporate Image binder is better in every way. Our printing is better, the binders last longer, don’t poison the environment or go to landfills, and they feel better in the hand.

When considering your brand or corporate image, consider whether a vinyl binder sums up what you are trying to say. If not, let us send you a sample to show you how much better your materials can look and feel.

Custom Digital Binder stats and information:

  • Available in quantities from 50-350
  • Full color digital printing on cover (the whole outside of the binder)
  • Black or white liner ( the inside of the binder)
  • Ring sizes: 3/4″, 1″, 1.5″ and 2″ d-rings
  • Square or Round spine
  • Natural matte lamination
  • These binders are 100% recyclable
  • strong construction (lab tested to 250,000 flexes)
  • Made with 100% FSC certified recycled post consumer waste board

The Corporate Image short run 3-ring binder combines all of quality we are known for with the lower quantities you sometimes need.

Get samples to experience the quality of our short run binders for yourself!

Spot UV – Add excitement to your print pieces

Spot UV – Add excitement to your print pieces

custom portfolio binder with closures

UV coatings are one of the range of print finishes and textures that you can use to make your art jump off of the page (or binder). We have found that a lot of designers haven’t worked with these finishes a lot, so we are offering a little series on print finishes.

What is spot UV and how can I use it on my binders, folders, and boxes?

UV (ultraviolet) Coatings start as a clear liquid that is dried or cured with an ultra violet light. This is printed in-line on a UV press. This is often seen in a gloss or matte, though it is available in textures (like sandpaper among others). While you can flood an entire piece with UV, we most often see it used in spot coverage, highlighting text and images, or in the case of the image below, the spot UV creates the design elements of the folder.  Subtle, but effective.

Printed, sustainable pocket folder with spot UV - Corporate Image

If you are printing a pocket folder, binder or box, you are probably laminating your materials to protect the whole piece from the rough and tumble life marketing materials go through. The nice thing about spot UV is that it can be applied after the lamination offering more opportunities to pop your art even more.

Get more Information on Spot UV and see some more examples here!

A Print Manufacturer a Designer Can Love.

We make your life can be easier.

Because working with a print manufacturer shouldn’t give you white hair.

custom portfolio binder with closures

For your clients:

We will send you samples so you can show them the latest, greatest directions in 3-ring binders, pocket folders, and boxes. Higher quality is clear when you feel it, and that is exactly what your customers will feel.

Custom pieces? If you are working on a custom project, our product designers will mock-up your idea to make sure it fits all of your needs. Test it, try it, and you decide it needs adjusting, we can do that.

For you.

We specialize in custom 3-ring binders, pocket folders, boxes and packaging, so we work with you to make your vision come to life.

Custom templates, in house product designers and an incredibly knowledgable team all work with you. Our job is to handle our side of the product so you can concentrate on create amazing art and being the genius graphic designer you are.

Whether you are interested in unique cloth and papers, intricate, unique closures, or interesting ways to showcase, say, bricks we can help you figure it out.

Once we are in production, your job will be produced to the exacting standards that we demand of ourselves – the standards that won us Best Binder in the World, along with numerous medical, building, design and packaging awards.

custom cut sheets for paperboard box - corporate image

Custom Printed Sample kit - Corporate Image


Binder inspiration: Cloth and Printed Binders

Keystone Designers binder

Custom cloth, foil and printed binders and tab set

We really appreciated the elegance of design for the Keystone Designer 3-ring binder and tab dividers. We also identify with the way they operate!



At Keystone Designer, we value every component of our processes, from design to

delivery. Our keen attention to details turns the ordinary into extraordinary.

Keystone designer mission statement

The binder features a 4 color process cover, with a Pearl Linen Smoke Screen spine wrap. On the cloth spine wrap is an elegant white matte foil.

Cloth and printed 3-ring binder - Corporate Image

The binder liner is white with a set of one color printed tab dividers that keep the attention and focus on the products within.

custom printed cloth and printed 3-ring binders


Liners: Get the Most out of Your Printed 3-ring Binders

The liner of a 3-ring binder is not just a blank space that the interior pages cover, it is a rich design space that adds life, information and interest to your design project.

Good things to know about 3 ring binder liners:

  1. When you are printing more that 250 binders, they print of our offset printing press.  This means that a matching fully printed liner is FREE at Corporate Image. Say you have a 4 color process cover, print the liner 4cp at no extra cost!
  2. People see the cover on the shelf, and when the binder is closed on a desk. People see the liner when they are looking at your information. The chances are they will spend a lot more time looking at the liner than the cover of your binder!

printed custom 3 ring binder liners - corporate image

Printing architectural folders for flooring or carpet samples? Your information, product placement guides, specs and more are part of your liner. Ringless binders, or sample folders, are just one way a printed binder liner can help reinforce your message.

4 and 5 fold Flooring and textile sample binders - Corporate Image

Get the most design impact for your 3-ring binders with printed liners!

See more binder projects here!


New! Corporate Image gearing up for new larger binders!

For those of you who need large binders, there is hope!

Corporate Image will now be able to case and line binders from mini notebook binders to 5 fold architectural folders for flooring, tile and textile samples. As of June of 2016, we will be up and running!

4 and 5 fold Flooring and textile sample binders - Corporate Image

Benefits of Corporate Image sample folders and large scale binders:


Our binder hinges have been tested to 250,000 flexes without fail making them the strongest binders and sample folders. This is especially important if you are putting heavy samples into the binder.

Quality of printing, materials and craft:

There is a reason Corporate Image binders have won Best Binder in the World and Best Binder in North America (4 times!). Our quality is unmatched. From our talented printers to our assembly team, we have some of the most dedicated and highly trained people in the industry.

Corporate Image is also employee owned, so each and every person in our facility is dedicated to giving you the best possible results.

Finishing options:

We work with everything from soft touch laminations, foil stamping, spot UV, custom window cuts, handles, closures from velcro to magnets, and a variety of ways to make your project stand up and stand out.


Corporate Image will now be able to print, case and line everything from 11×17 binders to 3, 4 and 5 fold architectural folders.

This adds to our already wide range of options from custom 3-ring binders, pocket folders, paperboard boxes and packaging, corrugated boxes, and turned edge rigid boxes.

Let your sales person know that you are interested in more information about larger binders and sample folders and we will help make your marketing materials even better!



Medical and Pharmacuetical Industries Going Sustianable

We at Corporate Image were excited to see a shift in how industries are viewing their responsibility to their communities and the future.

This article was in, talks about Bayer Corp. doing exactly what we have been doing – creating circular supply chains where the components in one product can eventually be used again in another (also known as cradle to cradle design).

Thirty years ago, a U.S. offshoot of German pharmaceutical giant Bayer was just coming to grips with the environmental ills that can accompany production of industrial materials.

The operator of a 270-acre chemical plant in West Virginia, which came to be known as Bayer MaterialScience, was tasked in 1987 with undertaking corrective action to prevent “unacceptable exposure” to carcinogenic contaminants found in soil and water at the site, accordingEnvironmental Protection Agency reports.

But that was then. In September, a newly-independent version of the $12 billion Bayer materials business called Covestro was launched with a goal of pulling off a re-brand with sustainability at the core of 2,000-plus product offerings in industries including transportation, construction, electronics and textiles.

“This is an industry that has a legacy of damage to the environment,” said Covestro Chief Sustainability Officer Richard Northcote. “It’s a bit like, ‘My name’s Richard, and I’m an alcoholic.’ Until you say that, you’re never going to improve, but we are not the same industry we were 50 years ago.”

The opportunity that Covestro sees in prioritizing sustainability is what many predict will be an upheaval in the materials that serve as the basis of the industrialized economy.

With business risks like climate change and supply chain volatility reinforcing the urgency of using raw materials wisely and curbing emissions in the manufacturing process, the concept of a “circular economy” where component parts are cycled back through supply chains is one approach gaining traction.

We applaud Covestro and Bayer for working toward and prioritizing sustainability in their manufacturing!

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Custom, Printed 3 Ring Binders with no limits

From presentation folders to sample kits to desktop displays, you can do a lot with a binder.

The many uses of 3 ring and Ringless binders - Corporate Image

A 3 ring binder is a strong, flexible platform for your ideas.

Made of sturdy 100% pcw binders board, cased and lined with printed sheets or cloth, our binders start as a blank canvas for your project. We flex a hinge directly into the board, creating not only a strong binder hinge, but a unique opportunity for different options.

Let’s start with some options that may give you ideas for your project.

Counter Top Display Binders

Retail displays, sales displays, and interior design ideas can all use an easel binder.

desktop displays - easel binders - Corporate Image

The easel binder can have many sizes and aspects depending on what you need for your display. The best thing about these is that they close into a binder size, with all of your material safely inside. The strength of the binder helps these work well in a retail outlet that gets handled repeatedly.

Outstanding architectural sample folders

Custom Portfolio binder Sample kit - Corporate Image


Easily show architectural samples for flooring, siding or tiles. This offers a clean design that is easy to work with at home, or at the office of an interior decorator. Available in 2, 3, 4 and 5 fold options. If you are creating architectural folders for your building supplies, flooring or carpeting, our large 4 and 5 fold binder options are strong, beautifully made and up to 54″ long!

custom architect folders and sample kits

Another sample kit that stands out is the AGBelt portfolio binder. This small binder holds 15 belt samples that swivel out for easy viewing. An elegant solution that showcases the products well.

Custom printed portfolio binder sample kit - Corporate Image

Binder as a set up box

binder box combination - corporate image

Adding an internal box or set up box to a binder turns it into a strong presentation as well protecting your information or samples. When closed, these binders hold your materials securely as a well branded, elegant portfolio binder.

Custom, unique presentation binders

From sample binders and presentation kits, a binder provides a flexible platform for your projects. Customize your binders with window cuts, cloth, foil stamping, spot and raised UV, printing and debossing. Whether you need a fully custom product or a standard 3-ring binder, Corporate Image has the packaging experts to help you get it done right.

Why print? People respond to it.

print facts - news and discussion on print materials - Corporate Image

This is part of our ongoing discussion about print in the modern age. This article is from MPA and talks a bit about how print connects in the mind.

Print engages the mind differently.

Here is an article that suggests that when people read print, they read more carefully, which benefits you with a more focused potential customer.

Everyone in marketing has by now heard of haptic marketing – the idea of appealing to the sense of touch to stimulate areas of the brain that influence decision making (that is the thumbnail description). Print fits that bill. Research has shown the physical act of turning pages results in the brain better encoding the information so you can remember it.

the benefits of print - Corporate Image

The article was created by MPA, the association of magazine media, so I don’t claim it is completely unbiased, but there have been many studies out that have had similar results.

Corporate Image is a print manufacturer in Des Moines Iowa. Employee owned, we have manufactured top quality custom 3-ring binders, pocket folders, boxes and packaging for over 35 years.

What should you expect from a 3-ring binder manufacturer?

Innovations… Styles… Options… Strengths…

Presentation and 3 ring binder manufacturers are not all alike. If you are new to the game of ordering custom printed products, we’d like to give you a few ideas of what to look for in your print manufacturer.

Corporate Image has been manufacturing custom 3-ring binders for over 30 years. We have designed, innovated and pushed the boundaries of binder manufacturing to give you a product that can be flexed 250,000 times, has a huge range of customizing and print options.  From roundback binders to bare board binders and creating eco friendly 3-ring binders that are 100% recyclable we offer you superior quality, service and value.

Our roots are in book binding starting in the 1860s in Chicago.  We value the craftsmanship that goes into our products and work to make sure that our products are exceptional.

best custom binders in the US and North America - Corporate Image

Getting the job done.

We love what we do. Everyday we get to work with talented people to produce beautiful materials that help others succeed in their businesses.

Corporate Image is 100% employee owned, so we take our work very seriously, some might say we are obsessive, but you can always count on us to give our best to every project.

Customer Service

Getting the job done right starts with your first phone call to us. You’ll work with a single point person at Corporate Image. That’s why we have experienced sales representatives and customer service managers focusing on helping you create the materials that best meet your needs. Your sales representative will help you navigate our process start to finish and in addition provide:

Samples — We don’t expect you to buy something without seeing the kind of work you’ll get. So, we’re happy to send samples. But, please keep in mind that our samples are current job overruns, so we may not have printed samples of a specific style on hand. Current samples of our work can be viewed on our project gallery.
Or for the real thing … call us and we’ll put samples in your hands.

Estimates — Naturally time is of the essence in communications and sales, so we’ll turn your quotes around as quickly as possible. Generally within 24 hours on standard items. However, additional time may be required for custom projects or large quantities. Our prices are based on the information provided at the time of the estimate. If specifications change for any reason, our estimate will be revised to reflect the new criteria. And we’ll seek your approval on the new cost. Hey, nobody likes surprises.

Digital Templates — When you’re ready to begin the final design phase of the project, we’ll email a template to you. This ensures that your final product will match your design and eliminates the worry about critical details like score lines, glue strips, tuck flaps and die-cutting tolerances.

Artwork Preparation — We’ll provide all the production specifications and information you may need for the project. We can output your digital files from a disk or you may upload files to our FTP site. Please provide a full set of laser proofs or a PDF of your final art.

Proofs — We’ll generate a digital proof for your approval. And we’ll mock up the end product so that you can get a precise idea of what you’re getting. If need be, we can send a PDF proof as well. We’ll work with you to get what you need as efficiently as possible.

Press Checks — We welcome press checks. Just let your sales representative or customer service manager know in advance if you wish to press check your job. We’ll do our best to accommodate your schedule.

Quantity/Scheduling — The minimum quantity order is 50 or 250 pieces depending on product and printing type. Once you’ve approved your proof and returned it to us, your sales representative or customer service manager will contact you with a ship date. We generally ship within 10 days of art approval, often much less.

Design Support

We’re here for you with a team of talented package designers that can help on any aspect of your project. We love a challenge. So, let’s collaborate on something really special.

Custom Prototypes — We’ll help sell your idea. There’s no charge for producing an initial prototype of a custom product, built to your specifications. Multiple copies for presentations are available for a small fee.


Bean counters. We love them because they understand numbers and they’ll make sure the payables process works smoothly and efficiently.

Credit Policy — If you’re a new customer, a credit application is needed before a job can go into production. Please allow adequate time to complete the process. Pre-payment may be needed, especially for first-time orders. We also accept Master Card, Visa and American Express.

Overruns or Under runs — You will be invoiced for the exact quantity of product shipped, not to exceed 10% over or under the quantity you have ordered.

Payment Terms — Jobs are invoiced the day they ship. Payment is required within 30 days from the date of invoice.

We’re here for you.

If you have a question or want to discuss a project, give us a call. Cynde will be more than happy to answer your call and connect you with the right person to take care of your needs. Ask for samples or quotes here!

Our office hours are:
Monday – Friday 8:00 am – 5:00 pm CST

888.262.3839 FAX

1801 Thompson Avenue
Des Moines, IA 50316

Financial Direct Mailer: Project of the Week!

So you think insurance and financial marketing is boring? Not these!

We made these awesome custom kits for Sammons Financial Group.

financial promotional box and cut sheets

These direct mailer kits started with a 7-1/8″ x 5-1/8″ x 1/2″ deep sales box with a full flap. The 5″x 7″ cards that slide in them are printed and adhered to 110pt binders board – so they have strength and heft to them. From the art to the package design, this is a remarkable piece of design work. See for your self!

AnnuityEApp#5 AnnuityEApp#6 AnnuityEApp#8 AnnuityEApp#9 AnnuityEApp#10 AnnuityEApp#11

Get your project started today!

Combining Quality and Sustainibility in a 3-ring Binder


Sustainability in a 3-ring binder means more options, longer life, and fully recyclable.

Great design includes the craft and full life cycle of the binders.

As a US print manufacturer, we pay attention to the materials we use. Our goal is to create a 3-ring binder that has cradle to cradle thinking: Crafted from recycled and renewable resources, built to last a long time (while looking good!) and 100% recyclable at the end of it’s life.

strong custom and sustainable 3-ring binders - corporate image

Sustainable Materials

Unlike vinyl or many plastics, our custom 3-ring binders are 100% recyclable. We make them using 100% post consumer waste binders board. Our printing stock can vary from 10%-100% recycled content depending on the needs of the client.

Long life cycle

Our binders were lab tested to 250,000 flexes, making them arguably the strongest 3-ring binders. This translates to 20 uses a day for over 30 years. Because they last so long, we laminate much of the printing with an inert film to ensure the artwork will look great as long as the binder lasts.


This whole binder is then recyclable. Simply pop the rings out and recycle the board and rings.


Over the last 5 years, Corporate Image binders have won Best Binder in North America 4 times and Best Binder in the World once. Our clients projects have also won numerous awards in industry and advertising competitions.

Sustainability in Manufacturing 3-ring binders -Corporate Image

Check out our options for sustainable binders here!

The Best Print Manufacturer in Iowa

Iowa is our home.

Iowa is booming and we are here to help you succeed.

best print, binder manufacturer - Corporate Image

We lead the industry in innovative design, printing and manufacturing of presentation products that exceed expectations.

We create beautiful and strong 3 ring binders, eco friendly inspiring pocket folders, and custom boxes of all sorts right here in Iowa. With 35 years of packaging experience and 80 years of printing in Iowa, we have the experience to make the process easier.

Innovative company, simple process.

We create custom templates and mock-ups to insure you are getting exactly what you want,and provide exceptional service to take the stress out of printing and manufacturing.

Need inspiration? We can come by and work with your team from brainstorming a project to showing the latest in cutting edge presentation marketing materials.

Our custom products range from

  • Pocket folders (1 pocket, 2 pocket, tri fold, four flap, glueless, custom die cuts and more)
  • 3 Ring Binders (Round or square back, standard, notebook sizes, oblong, portfolio, cloth, printed, wood and custom)
  • Tab dividers and interior information pages (Index tab banks of 2-15, half moon, standard or custom cuts, interior pages for binders – full color or black and white, cut sheets, and more!)
  • Packaging (corrugates, paperboard, rigid boxes, sales boxes, information kits, and an in house packaging design team)

Take a look at a few of the projects we have created recently:

custom printed corrugate sample kits - Corporate Image

custom printed binders, tabs and pages - Corporate Image

3 ring binders with portfolio closures- Corporate Image

custom paperboard boxes and packaging

Let us know how we can help you today!

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