Beautiful and sustainable marketing materials

If you’re interested in a green alternative, look no further than our attractive and sustainable product range. Our binders are made from superior quality materials and are recyclable when their useful lives are over. Here are some great design examples for our bare board & flush cut binders as well as our glueless pocket folders!


Bare board binders.

Make a powerful impact on your audience with this simple and textural custom binder. The eco-friendly look of bare board reflects your environmental commitment.

Flush cut binders.

Want your custom binder to have the natural look and feel of uncoated paper? Give your binder a unique look with the edges of the binders board exposed. Your binder will stand apart from the crowd.




Glueless pocket folders.

We designed our glueless pocket folders to be easy to assemble and use. Just pop the tab into the slot and lock and you’re done! They ship flat saving valuable storage space, use no glue and take less energy to manufacture. An eco-friendly option in the making.


Let us know how we can help you with your next design project!

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Ethics and Environment – Mixing Sustainability and Presentation

International Paper created these two beautiful ‘Ethisphere binders’. A two part series highlighting the ethical and sustainable beliefs of the company, these binders are one of the most sustainable, recyclable binders you can find.

These three ring binders are made with FSC certified 100% post consumer waste paperboard with and digitally printed FSC certified cover. They left the inside un covered, so the bare board shows through.

Ethisphere binders - International Paper - Corporate Image


The binder is then flush cut – with the covered board and paper being trimmed at the same time. This offers a clean edge and eliminates the need for lamination on the sheet.

flush cut sustainable 3 ring binders - recycled and recyclable - Corporate Image


The International Paper binder is one of the most recyclable, sustainable 3 ring binders you can make. It combines less manufacturing steps with FSC certified recycled papers to result in a long lasting, beautiful binder that is also easily recyclable.

What is the Ethisphere?

The Ethisphere® Institute is the global leader in defining and advancing the standards of ethical business practices that fuel corporate character, marketplace trust and business success. We have a deep expertise in measuring and defining core ethics standards using data-driven insights that help companies enhance corporate character. Ethisphere believes integrity and transparency impact the public trust and the bottom line of any organization.


Neenah paper’s new “Neenah Cabinet”

Neenah paper is working to make specing paper for your job even easier.

We all have cabinets, shelves and drawers full of paper swatches, but really we gravitate to what we know best. Neenah is trying to make it easier to browse, sort color and find the exact paper you need.

Corporate Image blog: neenah paper's new app


If you want the Neenah Cabinet app on your Mac desktop, make sure you have OS10.8.  I sure don’t ( I am behind the times!), so I couldn’t load it. It will have to live on the ipad for now.

Admittedly, for me the feel of the paper is key, but if I can narrow down my choices ahead of time it will save me a lot of time.

Want it?  Check it out on the Neenah website here.

Understanding Your Plastics – PVCs

So why limit your exposure to PVC?

Our sister company Naked Binder makes off the shelf eco friendly 3-ring binders and pocket folders and has done a lot of research on vinyls, plastics and the environment.  Corporate Image has been printing with soy inks, using recycled papers and board and making custom recycled and recyclable 3-ring binders, pocket folders and boxes for nearly 30 years. Together we plan to make recyclable 3-ring binders and folders the standard, eliminating tons of vinyl waste in our landfills, offices and homes.

Why you ask?  So happy you did!


No other plastic contains or releases as many dangerous chemicals. These include dioxins, phthalates, vinyl chloride, ethylene dichloride, lead, cadmium, and organotins. There’s no safe way to manufacture, use or dispose of PVC products

In You and your food. As a persistent bioaccumulative toxin (PBT), it does not breakdown rapidly and travels around the globe, accumulating in fatty tissue and concentrating as it goes up the food chain. Dioxins from Louisiana manufacturing plants migrate on the winds and concentrate in Great Lakes fish. Dioxins are even found in hazardous concentrations in the tissues of whales and polar bears and in Inuit mother’s breast milk. The dioxin exposure of the average American already poses a calculated risk of cancer of greater than 1 in 1,000 – thousands of times greater than the usual standard for acceptable risk. Really scary is that dioxins concentrate in breast milk to the point that human infants now receive high doses, orders of magnitude greater than those of the average adult.

Air pollution near plants: In Mossville, Louisiana, air monitoring conducted by the US Environmental Protection Agency in 1999 showed concentrations of vinyl chloride more than 120 times higher than the ambient air standard.

Working in plants: Studies have documented links between working in vinyl chloride production facilities and the increased likelihood of developing diseases including angiosarcoma of the liver, a rare form of liver cancer, brain cancer, lung cancer, lymphomas, leukemia, and liver cirrhosis.

(non) Recycling

The multitudes of additives required to make PVC useful make large scale post consumer recycling nearly impossible for most products and interfere with the recycling of other plastics. Of an estimated 7 billion pounds of PVC thrown away in the US, only 14 million – less than 1/2 of 1 percent – is recycled. The Association of Post Consumer Plastics Recyclers declared efforts to recycle PVC a failure and labeled it a contaminant in 1998.  We tried.  Learn more about how that went.

Although vinyl is in theory recyclable, there are currently no vinyl recycling programs available.  The vast majority of PVCs end up in landfill or incinerated – and both are environmentally hazardous. Currently 0.1% to 3% of vinyl is recycled (mostly industrial waste) of the 2 billion and 4 billion pounds of PVC that is discarded in the US every year.

Fire dangers

PVC poses a great risk in building fires, as it releases deadly gases long before it ignites, such as hydrogen chloride which turns to hydrochloric acid when inhaled. As it burns, whether accidentally or in waste incineration, it releases yet more toxic dioxins. PVC burning in landfill fires may now be the single largest source of dioxin releases to the environment. If you see the former entry about recycling, with the approximately 8400 landfill fires every year in the US, this is an issue.

More Information

What are Dioxins?

Types of Vinyl

 Links to more information

Healthy Building Network

EPA Enforcement    EPA regulates

Ecocycle on recycling

PVC Information

dangers in making   dangers in fire      disposing of PVC

Center for Health, Environment and Justice.

PVC, the Poison Plastic – Unhealthy for Our Nation’s Children and Schools: PDF | HTML

Our Health and PVC – What’s the Connection?: PDF HTML

PVC Flooring and Toxic Cleaning Products: PDF | HTML

Top Ten Reasons Your School Should Go PVC-Free: PDF | HTML

PVC & Environmental Justice: PDF HTML

PVC Policies Around the World: PDF | HTML

Wikipedia’s entry

Ted Talks: Diana Cohen: Tough Truths About Plastic Pollution

Ted Talks: Capt. Charles Moore on Seas of Plastic

Healthy Building Network


Vinyl Industry Sites

Vinyl Institute

The importance of using healthy materials in design

Winston Churchill once observed the correlation between design and culture: “we shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us.”

Designing any object, whether a 3-ring binder or a building requires thought into use, environment and user. For years, the idea of healthier environments was not a high priority – people smoked at work, the convenience of plastics out-weighed many other concerns -but with greater information on how things affect us, healthier is becoming a larger component of design.

I thought this article was interesting as a perspective from an architect designing the spaces we all spend a lot of time in:

Buildings are fashioned by the choices of people who design and construct them. When completed, those choices impact the inhabitants for a lifetime, but how many of us realize the true scale of this impact. Over the course of my career I have designed more than 51 million square feet of commercial space for more than a half-million people. Now consider that I am just one of more than one hundred thousand architects in the US alone. Some may suggest that as an individual, I represent a small portion of the impact to be made by architects and builders, but I prefer to think that I have a half-million people counting on me.

Winston Churchill once observed the correlation between design and culture: “we shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us.” When this was said, the intent was to convey the use of space to accommodate large fluctuations of intended function; however a new stage of evolution is already upon the building industry. One that will certainly engage the health and wellness of the occupants of our buildings and requires we alter our philosophy and approach to design.

For the human body to operate effectively it needs proper nourishment, and just like the human body, buildings need to consider the ingredients of the products they come to embody. In order for us to put our design on the right diet, we need to start reading the labels and in doing so, promote our manufacturers who are beginning to understand the makeup of these products, as well as how they will work together as a completed system. Material transparency is a valuable first step toward designing healthier environments made with healthier products. Buildings that use healthy, sustainable materials can have a positive impact on people and the environment. Considering these realities, it is imperative that designers have the information needed to make truly informed decisions regarding the chemical makeup of the products we use. The key to delivering this value lies within the details of how each individual element contributes to the whole. To do this, we need to completely understand building product ingredients, so we can make educated choices that will inform the complete lifecycle of our designs and positively impact the people who experience them. We want people to live and work in environments made with healthful materials.

For the rest of the article go here.  

From our perspective as a manufacturer, what goes inside the building is equally important.  We spoke with an architect who had a LEED building fail it’s initial air test because of the furnishings and office supplies.  With 60 million + 3-ring binders being sold in the US each year, we believe that from carpeting to binders, each element of your environment needs to be considered.

At Corporate Image, we design every component of our products. From inert laminates to soy inks, recycled papers to 100% recyclability, we track what we use to give you a healthy product that looks and works better than anything else you can find.

Eco Friendly Marketing Materials: Paperboy Wine Bottles

Eco Friendly marketing materials - paperboy Wine Bottles

Paperboy wines are packaged in a unique molded paper ‘bottle’ with a  plastic bladder inside to hold the wine. The paper wrapper is easily recyclable (though they do not say the bladder is).

While glass is completely recyclable most glass doesn’t get recycled for some reason and these paper and plastic bottles have the added benefit of being a lot lighter, saving in cost and fuel to ship, and making it easier to carry around. Now to be quite honest, I would still balk at carrying something like this into the back country (at 1.9 lbs it weighs a bit too much for me), but I am very tempted to go get a bottle to bring to a friends house.

via Packaging World:

Innovative packaging designed to meet consumers’ lifestyle choices—that is the vision that inspires Healdsburg, CA-based wine company Truett-Hurst, Inc. In late 2012, the super- and ultra-premium wine producer introduced a new range of wines targeted at specific buying occasions—for example, barbecues, birthdays, and anniversaries—packaged in bottles with exquisitely designed full-body paper wraps.

Now, Truett-Hurst tackles the eco-conscious, on-the-go wine lover with its “retro-cool” PaperBoy brand, a line of appellation-based, super-premium wines in a paper wine bottle—a first for the U.S.

“Truett-Hurst is always looking to respond to the reasons why people buy wine,” says company CEO Phil Hurst. “An eco-responsible package was an obvious addition to our line of brands that appeal to lifestyle choices.”

Introduced with limited exclusivity by Safeway in September 2013 and now in general distribution in 45 states, PaperBoy is packaged in a molded paper outer shell in the shape of a traditional wine bottle, with a plastic liner inside. The concept was brought to Truett-Hurst by designer Kevin Shaw of Stranger & Stranger, and is supplied by U.K.-based GreenBottle.

Changing consumer mindsets
As Hurst explains, his company is on a quest through new products and packaging to change the way people think about and buy wine. For eco-conscious consumers on the move, the lightweight PaperBoy package provides a responsible way for them to carry wine outdoors. “Campers, hikers, and fishermen can carry this lightweight package—only 1.9 pounds filled—and enjoy premium wine from a 750-mL bottle almost anywhere, collapsing it when finished for return to a recycling site,” he says.

Two introductory PaperBoy varieties have been crafted by Virginia Marie Lambrix, winemaker for VML and Truett-Hurst wineries: a 2012 Paso Robles Red Blend ($14.99) and a 2012 Mendocino Chardonnay ($13.99). “We at Truett-Hurst believe that if the quality of the wine exceeds a customer’s expectation, then new, cutting-edge packaging will become more mainstream,” Lambrix says.

As mentioned, designer Kevin Shaw, who worked with Truett-Hurst on the Evocative Wrapped Bottle line in 2012, initially brought the concept of GreenBottle to the attention of Truett-Hurst. Hurst says at the time, his company was looking for ways to meet retailer and consumer demands for innovative new wine technologies and eco-friendly products.

While Shaw designed the branding art and contributed the “PaperBoy” name, GreenBottle engineered the wine bottle structure. Truett-Hurst’s directives for the structure were that it needed to convey “wine,” and it had to be able to run down their existing packaging line.

Have questions about  the savings in weight vs the non- recyclability of the plastic bladder?

As Hurst explains, one cross-country truck of PaperBoy wine, traveling 2,800 miles, saves approximately 61 gal of diesel fuel, with 1,365 lb less CO2 added to the atmosphere. “If all wine shipped annually in the U.S. [207.7 million cases] was packaged in the PaperBoy bottle, approximate savings of 50,793,750 gallons of diesel and 560,000 tons of CO2 would be realized,” he says.

In total, the carbon footprint for the PaperBoy bottle versus glass is 67% smaller, while the carbon footprint for shipping is 18% more efficient than glass.

As a winemaker, Lambrix says she admires the practicality of PaperBoy. “Wines that will be consumed almost immediately do not need a heavy, environmentally and economically expensive glass bottle and cork,” she says. “We would rather apply the savings that PaperBoy affords toward more expensive, better-crafted wine so that both the customer and the environment win.”

PaperBoy wine – thinking outside the box and creating a really cool eco friendly package!


Custom 3-ring Binders should be recyclable, recycled and eco friendly

Your company marketing materials, including your 3-ring binders,  should match your quality, strength, look and values.

Amazing notebook binders, Corporate Image

Our Materials

Corporate Image offers you the best quality 3-ring binders from printing, craftsmanship while also creating an eco friendly binder that is 100% recyclable.  We start with FSC certified 100% post consumer waste board, print with soy inks on FSC certified papers and produce binders that are 100% recyclable.

Why get a recyclable binder?

There are many reasons.

Better Marketing Materials.  

With superior offset and digital printing, stronger construction and great craftsmanship, the 3-ring binder you get from Corporate Image looks better, works better and lasts longer. It is a clear statement of your company values and who you are.

Your environment.

You and your company believe that we all need to do more to protect the environment.  Each small step towards reducing toxics in our offices and landfills add up.

Vinyl binders are toxic – from creating the vinyl and binder, to off-gassing on the shelf to creating issues in landfill.  The vinyl is not recyclable anywhere in the US at this point. With so many being made still, this is an issue for landfill operators especially if there are fires (about 9000 landfill fires a year in the US)

Save money.

Many corporations are pushing to go greener because it saves  money. One of our binders will last longer and look better – meaning that your marketing materials are in great shape in your clients hands for longer. If you need to dispose of the binders, ours are 100% recyclable meaning no toxic waste permits which you need for large amounts of vinyl binders.

Corporate Image believes that your custom 3-ring binders can be more than a way to store paper.  We see them as a branding tool, a marketing presentation piece that sets you apart from the rest.  From the craftsmanship we put in at our midwestern production plant to the eco-friendly recycled binder materials, we give you a 3-ring binder that aligns with your values.

Eco Friendly and Custom – a better 3-ring binder

For years everyone used vinyl binders.  Sure they fall apart, but what options are there?

Corporate Image has been making eco friendly 3-ring binders for 25 years.

No vinyl and 100% recyclable using FSC certified materials. On top of that, unlike vinyl, These binders can be offset printed, meaning that your artwork has never looked so good.

Beautiful roundback Custom Printed Binder - Corporate Image


How is this binder eco friendly?

  • Binders board used is FSC certified 100% post consumer waste
  • Papers used are FSC certified and have varying amounts of recycled content (depending on spec)
  • Printed with Soy inks
  • Lamination is inert
  • Long lasting: tested to 250,000 flexes, lamination protects printing
  • 100% recyclable

Go here to find out more about our 3-ring binders, pocket folders, boxes and tab dividers!

Why do we have issues with vinyl?

It is toxic to make, use and impossible to get recycled.  It may be technically recyclable, but we have not found one city or community recycler who will touch it.  More here.

Index Tab Dividers – Custom, Printed, Fantastic and Eco Friendly

Organization just keeps getting better, greener and with more options. Tab Dividers have been around for a long time, but if your proposal needs some pep with it’s organization, custom printed tab dividers can be just what you are looking for.

Custom Printed Tab Dividers GI43 - Corporate Image

With several styles from full offset printed dividers to digitally printed sets, Corporate Image offers a range of options to fit you needs, budget and look. While all Index tab dividers are pretty eco friendly, make sure you understand what materials go into your tabs to get the most out of product.

Confused about the differences in Tab Dividers?  Check out the new Tab Divider Design Resource Guide.  Find out what your options are, how eco friendly they are and the range of possible materials!

Green Innovations in Pocket Folders

Glueless Pocket Folder

New Glueless Pocket Folder

Improvement is on ongoing process at Corporate Image. Take pocket folders, for instance. We have an incredibly successful line of them. So, we certainly didn’t have to launch a year-long-review and redesign project. But that’s exactly what we did. And the results are astonishing. Greener, leaner, smarter folders. See the 25 top pocket folder designs here!

Our packaging designers and production team examined every single folder in our extensive die library. When formats could be scaled down to allow printing on a smaller sheet, they redesigned the die, reducing paper waste. Velcro closures were eliminated and innovative tuck closures were designed, eliminating the need to remove the Velcro before recycling the pocket folder.

They also created a new folder designed to ship flat and assemble on demand. Glueless folders are less expensive and take less energy to manufacture. They are a breeze to assemble. Just fold the scores, tuck where indicated and you have a multi-purpose folder. Ingenious! And they can go directly into the recycling bin when no longer needed.

New FSC certified coated and uncoated paper choices have been tested and added to our line. They print beautifully and include stocks with 10%, 30% and 100% recycled content. The choice is yours!

Eco Friendly Packaging Opions

You see, design and use packaging everyday, and most of it ends up as trash.

A designer in Montreal decided to try to do something about that with a  common everyday item – the toothbrush. I noticed this post on Dieline and realized that it dovetailed nicely with many of our eco friendly products (from bare board binders to corrugated boxes) that are also fully recyclable when they are finished.

Dissolve is an exploration into re-thinking the everyday design which accounts for much of our waste stream.

disolvable packaging

Simon Laliberte, Universite du Quebec a Montreal (UQAM) created “Dissolve” as part of the “REMARKABLE PACKAGING & ALTERNATIVES” for the Packaging Exhibition in Paris 2012.

“The goal was to improve the packaging of a product already exists on many points: the information of the consumer, nature, mobility, distribution, ergonomics, and use the second life of the packaging . So i wanted to improve the packaging of a product known to everybody, the inevitable and classic toothbrush. A product, who, should normally be replaced every 3 months for a better personnal hygiene and more than 6 billion people on the earth should use a minimum of two times a day.

… if i could remove all the packaging after purchase and if the famous toothbrush was 100% recyclable, i reach my goal.

That’s why i’ve been researching on biodegradable and i opted for the “PVA”, a compound of polyvinyl acetate no-toxic, biodegradable and 100% recyclable. This paper of 60gsm is made with cellulose-based compound of tree pulp can be dissolve completely in water in less than 10sec. Really wonderfull! The design has been printed on paper using an soja ink black water soluble. Then everything was folded in a futuristic, attractive and ergonomic shape and eventually heat sealed at both sides.”

Designed by Simon Laliberte, Universite du Quebec a Montreal (UQAM), Canada


Corporate Image is 100% Green to the Core

Eco-Friendly Custom Binder

We’re passionate about sustainable presentation products

Corporate Image wants to make vinyl binders disappear from the marketplace and replace them with our  paper-based custom binders made from 100% post-consumer waste binders board. There are a number of issues with vinyl, but the most significant ones revolve around health risks. First being, vinyl binders have become extremely difficult to dispose of because of the danger they pose to the environment, especially to drinking water. Companies will occasionally call us to ask where they can send their old vinyl binders and we tell them that the vinyl has to be removed from the covers in order to be recycled or sent to the landfill. Many companies don’t have the time, money or manpower to do this. The second issue with vinyl binders is they are toxic to our health because they are made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC), and other chemicals, such as phthalates to make the plastic soft. When you smell vinyl, toxic chemical, off-gassing can be present, which may contribute to respiratory irritation, headaches, damage to the kidneys and central nervous system. During manufacturing and waste incineration, PVC releases dioxins into the air, which are linked with cancer, diabetes, birth defects and other adverse health effects.

Whats the alternative? Go green with a Corporate Image binder made from a core of 100% post consumer waste binder board. Then wrap it with recycled paper, which can be printed with soy inks. Our custom binders are environmentally friendly and truly sustainable. They’ve been tested by U.S.Testing Laboratories for durability, which consisted of opening and closing the binders over 250,000 times before the spine began to show wear. This is the equivalent of about 10 years use. What’s more, when you’re done with your binder, it doesn’t have to go in the landfill; instead, it can be fully recycled. We’re starting to incorporate higher percentages of recycled materials into our other products, as well as design products that use less energy and materials.


Guide To BPAs – why to be concerned

Welcome to the wonders of social media!  I found this forwarded via facebook by a friend via a long chain of people I don’t know.  Love that.

Environmental Working Groups has a new guide on BPAs – what they are, how to avoid them. For Example:

What are its health risks?


BPA is a synthetic estrogen that can disrupt the endocrine system, even in small amounts. It has been linked to a wide variety of ills, including infertility, breast and reproductive system cancer, obesity, diabetes, early puberty, behavioral changes in children and resistance to chemotherapy treatments.

The site has a lot of good information – check them out!

A Guide To BPA 

Environmental Working Group

Show Your True Company Color – Green


We help companies promote their environmental commitment with our FSC certification

Corporate Image was created to provide creative environmentally friendly alternatives to vinyl 3 ring binders. We’ve been designing sustainable packaging for more than 30 years. In fact, Corporate Image has used 100% post-consumer waste binders board since our inception.

We created an recyclable alternative to the vinyl binder. It was easy to see that print on paper was far superior to the graphic quality found on vinyl binders. The company was launched with the mission to merge beautiful graphics with environmentally responsible materials. By choosing our printed binders, you elevate your brand and create an attractive packaging system that is truly cradle to cradle.

What’s more is you can communicate your green values to your customers by asking to have the FSC logo printed on your binder. “FSC harnesses market demand to ensure forests are responsibly managed. Because FSC is the gold standard in forest certification, it is the only system supported by groups such as WWF, Sierra Club, Greenpeace, Natural Resources Defense Council and National Wildlife Federation.”

Check out more of our environmentally friendly options such as bare board binders and green solutions.

Medical Companies Turn to Corporate Image for Presentation Packaging Needs

Medical Binder




Marketing kits, presentation binders and custom boxes are popular in the industry

Corporate Image partners with many companies in the medical industry to produce packaging for device manufacturers, hospitals, pharmaceuticals and more. Our binders, folders, marketing kits and boxes are used to store and present information for patients and health care workers, so it is readily available and brands a product or company.

At Corporate Image, we work the Medical and Health care industry in creating better patient information packets, meeting or conference  kits and and staff information folders. With the large quantity of work we have done, we thought we would share with you the ideas and trends that we have seen Medical  information packets.

Patient Information Binders and Pocket Folders

As you know, keeping the patient well informed from entering your health system to treatment options can lower anxiety and help your doctors to counsel patients on their best path forward to healthier, happier lives.

This information has to be clear, well organized and easily search-able.  A small binder is usually enough to present the basics of even complicated treatments with room for follow up and and ongoing regimens.  Tab dividers can make for quick and focused sections as well as adding new information as needed.

The presentation binders have pockets that wrap inside the binder, so if you print only one side of the paper, you still get more artwork/branding on the inside.

 Some Examples:

Full Color Printing with Soy Inks on Recycled Paper over 100% Recycled Board = Eco-Friendly

Custom Printed Binder

Why custom printed binders are superior to vinyl binders

First and foremost, it’s simply not necessary to produce something that will be detrimental to the air, land and water at some point in the production or disposal process. The European countries many years ago prohibited the use of vinyl binders for a very good reason…They’re toxic. With limited land space and high concentrations of people, it was decided to stop production because of health concerns. Full color printed binders from Corporate Image are made with a core of 100% recycled binders board. We then apply a sheet with recycled paper that ranges from 10% to 100% and protect it with a thin layer of inert lamination that is recyclable. Our product  line also includes options that are lamination-free, such as our printed  flush-cut binder, which has a distinctive look that will surely get noticed.

Designing for Presenting Construction, Engineering and Building Materials

Architectural and Engineering firms need to be organized, whether for proposals, client presentations or in-house tracking of projects.

Information binders for Interior Design - Corporate Image


Corporate Image and Naked Binder offer both off the shelf and custom printed 3-ring binders and pocket folders that strong, recycled options for what you need.  We specialize in products that are built to last and have both strong design features and a cradle to cradle mentality.

Whether you are presenting a proposal for a new bridge to a state, a re-design of a house, or offering a brand book of building materials -the best furniture, tiles, lamps and accents – to Interior Designers, you need a strong well made piece to stand out.


Our 3-ring binders have been tested to 250,000 flexes – meaning you could use it 20 times a day for the next 30 years. These may be the strongest 3-ring binders in the world. In an industry building the architectural wonders of tomorrow, that solidity gives confidence to your clients as well as saving you money on replacing binders.

Need it now? Customize as you need them!

Naked Binder offers a line of off-the-shelf binders and folders that you can have in hand tomorrow. Our entire line of amazingly designed 3 ring binders and pocket folders are recycled and recyclable (great for many government and industry proposals).  Order on line today and send that proposal tomorrow.  We work with some of the most talented firms in the US and Canada.

Custom Binders, Folders and Sample Kits

Corporate Image offers a huge range of options from customizing.  Digitally printed short run binders you can have in hand in a week, or fully offset printed binders (with options of debossing, foiled stamping, spot varnish and custom die cuts).

If you would like to see some projects other companies in the building industry have put together, check them out here.

Quality, interesting materials and eco friendly options.

There is a reason that furniture, flooring, construction and engineering firms come to us.  The outstanding quality and craftsmanship of our products reflects the care and attention you put into your own work.

Stand out with interesting materials, excellent printing of your graphics and a range of eco-friendly binders, folders and boxes. For more on sample kits look here.

Options for Customizing 3-ring binders

There are a lot of options for customizing your 3-ring binder from labeling as you need them to having printed binders made. What you need depends on how you use them.

Lets assume you need to customize your binders. How to proceed depends on how many you need.

Ask your self some questions –

  • Are the binders I need the same size?
  • Do they all need to have the same information?
  • What kind of look/branding am I trying to portray?

If you want a classier look, vinyl binders are out.  They fall apart, they are toxic and they look like you are in third grade.

Naked Binder - bare board binder with label

Short and varied binder runs:


If you need a range of sizes and information, your best bet is designing amazing labels and putting them on yourself. This method has been used by everyone from huge architectural firm proposals to teachers applying for tenure with great success. Other options are temporary tattoos which look great and hold well to the bare board binders, laser etching (for those with larger budgets), custom die cuts and silk screening.

For these binders, check out Naked Binders lines of binders.  We have one to fit any style.


short run printed binders - corporate Image

Bigger multiples of binders:



If you need more than 50 3-ring binders that are the same size and with the same information, perhaps it may be easier to get a printed binder.  There is a great option of a digitally printed spine wrap over either bare board or a black paper cased binder that is economical and really eye-catching.

These are great for larger proposal binders, conference and meeting binders or presentation binders.  They are 100% recyclable. More information here.



printed 3-ring binder - Corporate Image

Larger run binders:

Once you need runs of 500 binders or more getting a printed binder is actually cheaper and gives you a lot more options. Once you go to the offset press, it costs the same to have a printed cover and liner as it does to just print the cover, so you have twice the design real estate.

If you are putting together a large conference,  a company wide information binder or need to get your product specs out to a lot of people in a way that both protects and promotes, a custom printed binder is the way to go.  More here on options.



Naked Binder and Corporate Image are sister companies working together to get you what you need when you need it.  Naked Binder has a set line of binders that can ship same day for those rush projects, while Corporate Image specializes in custom printed 3-ring binders, folders, boxes and just about anything you can design!

Ways to Customize A 3-ring Binder – Offset Printing

What are the options for a custom 3-ring binder?  Let us give you some ideas.

It is not everyday that you are asked to design a custom three ring binder for your company or a client. So, Assuming you want something that looks good, is non-toxic and lasts, where do you start?

Not a problem. Corporate Image can review the design and material options for your consideration. We are writing a series of blogs to let you know your options as well as a environmental review to help make important decisions about your custom binder and the relative environmental properties and recyclability.

Offset Printing

The most cost effective option in customizing a medium to large number of binders.  Easy to produce, clear templates and lots and lots of room to craft a message and look for your client.

Offset printing with full color graphics on the cover and liner is popular in part because the design possibilities are endless with the combination of 4-color process and Pantone Matching (PMS) colors. It is possible to combine photographs, graphics, line art and logos to create a stunning informational marketing product. The design real estate is huge, with full coverage on the front and back covers, spine and liner. As the binder is opened the inside liner provides a full landscape for added images and branding. As an added bonus, offset printing is also one of the most cost effective options for large volumes.
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Environmental Considerations: Offset printed binders are 100% recyclable along with other paper. Simply separate the steel rings from the binder cover and recycle accordingly. Corporate Image offers two styles of offset printed binders, Flush-cut and Turned-edge.

The flush-cut binder is printed up to the edge of the cover and liner. However, the edges of the binder show raw board. The flush cut binder is made with up to 95% recycled materials and is 100% recyclable.

The turned-edge binder is made like a book – fully cased and lined.

Both styles can be protected with a lamination which is inert and non-toxic. It can be put into the recycling with the rest of the binder. The lamination will get separated from the paper in the recycling process and be recycled itself.

Why our Custom Binders are the Greenest and Most Sustainable on the Planet

Eco-conscious solutions to Help Grow Your Business

The values you bring to your business are what your customers respond to. Hard work, great service, eco friendly and superior quality translate to repeat business and happy customers.  Corporate Image is here to make sure your values are inherent in the presentation materials you offer to your customers. Not only is our customer service amazing but our quality and range of options to give you the options for a range of eco friendly products.

Lets look at our 3-ring binders.

Our Corporate Image custom printed binders are made from high quality book binders board, produced from 100% post consumer waste. A remarkably clean board, our binders board is light gray with small flecks of color in it.

The hinges on our binders will never fail because they are pressed into the board with a unique computer controlled machine. These hinges were tested by an independent lab, US Testing, and after more than 250,000 flexes, the hinge showed little wear.

We offer bare board binders, flush cut binders, custom printed binders – all 100% recyclable.

Our heritage is book binding and we use that knowledge and craftsmanship in every custom binder, folder and box. You can count on it.

Foil Stamping Adds Impact to Your Custom Binder

Fuego custom binder stands out from the crowd

“We wanted an option that would reflect the product and the brand, so the use of natural and environmentally friendly materials was important to us. Corporate Image worked to find a raw binder that could be imprinted with the Fuego logo. The final product is a beautiful and unique binder that reflects our commitment to design and on par with the sales materials it holds.” Yael Wufhart, Fuego North America

The Fuego binder is a bare board binder with a single color of foil stamping.

Good Design Can Be Found Everywhere

Packaging in a Bottle

Corporate Image loves good design. For over 30 years, we’ve been helping graphic designers match their creativity and design talents with our custom binders, tabs, folders and boxes. However, sometimes, we’ll see something outside our realm that is so creative, well designed and eco-friendly that we like to recognize and share it. To see more images of this garden wall outside a home in Brazil, click on this link:



Green Innovations in Custom Binders

Eco Friendly, Smart, Durable and Innovative Bare Board Binders

Bare Board Binders from Corporate Image are the perfect choice for clients who want to express their environmental values through a more earth friendly, recyclable product. We were an eco sensitive company long before “green” was mainstream. We built our headquarters on a reclaimed business park more than a decade ago literally recycling a junkyard into a beautifully landscaped campus. And that was just the start.

Our custom binder, originally called the FlexHinge Binder, was the first true American alternative to toxic vinyl binders. Constructed from recycled 100% post-consumer waste binders board covered with printed sheets or bookbinding fabrics, these binders will provide decades of service. When it’s time to discard them, the paper, fabric, metal and board can all be recycled.

The Bare Board Binder is just that…bare board, but it can be foil stamped or embossed to give it a distinctive look. The textural quality and simplicity will make a powerful impact on your audience. In addition, spine wraps in cloth or paper bring a unique look to your Bare Board Binder.

The Bare Board Custom Binder

Custom Bare Board Binder

Foil stamping on custom binders has never looked so good.

Corporate Image offers the most versatile selection of binders available. Want to stand out? Select a bare board binder and foil stamp your logo. It’s simple, attractive and effective when it comes to making an impression. It starts with being


Bare Board Custom Binders Create a Big Impact on Your Audience but not on the Environment

Cloth Spine Wrap on Bare Board Custom Binder

Communicate Your Green Commitment in Style with a Custom Binder

Corporate Image was an eco-sensitive company long before “green” was mainstream. We built our company headquarters on a reclaimed business park more than a decade ago, literally recycling a junkyard into a beautifully landscaped campus. Often imitated, our 3 ring binder was the first true American alternative to toxic vinyl


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