Tab Dividers that are Good for the Environment

Digital printing is an eco-friendly method of producing four-color process tabs. They are best for projects that don’t require full-bleed printing or a PMS match. Printed on sturdy, 110 lb, FSC certified index stock, these tabs have Mylar reinforcing on the tab and binding edge for added strength. Digital printing is the reproduction of digital images on paper using toner rather than liquid inks. Generally intended for “short-run” projects under 1,500 tab sets, it is an economical solution. There is no paper waste and fewer chemicals compared to offset printing. Tab sets can be ready to ship in only five days, so they’re a great option when you need them fast.

Where Interstates 35 and 80 Meet

Corporate Image is located in the heartland of the U.S. where Interstates 80 and 35 meet. That puts you in Des Moines, Iowa where the company was founded almost 30 years ago. The mission then was to develop an alternative to the vinyl binder that was attractive and not detrimental to the environment. Europe at the time was moving away from toxic vinyl because it could not be safely incinerated or disposed of in the landfills.

We were the first company to follow their lead and started printing and manufacturing our signature FlexHinge binde in 1981. The name comes from the fact the binder is made from one piece of 100 % post-consumer waste binders board with a spine that’s formed by pressing grooves into it. This makes for a very strong hinge that can be opened and closed over 250,000 times without the hinge failing. That’s the equivalent of opening and closing the binder 20 times a day for 34 years.

Today, our company is even more resolved to helping the environment by offering new products made from up to 100% recycled paper. We’ve found innovative ways to create attractive new designs by mixing and matching materials, so the products stand out and command attention. Our central location makes it ideal for reaching our markets around the country in only a matter of days, so you get your shipments fast and on time. 

Presentation in a Box

Sales Boxes are designed to help you market your products and services by holding everything from brochures, loose sheets, tab dividers or nearly anything else you can imagine. People refer to them as Presentation Boxes, Sales Boxes, Welcome Kits, Tool Kits and Sales Totes. But whatever the name, they will keep your materials neatly organized and keep on selling your message. They’re the perfect solution to a wide range of presentation packaging needs. For example, colleges and universities use them for admission information; medical companies use them for patient or product information and manufacturing companies present samples in them. The possibilities are limitless.

Our boxes are printed directly onto 18-or 24-point card stock and can be finished in your choice of gloss, semi-gloss or natural matte lamination. We offer several flap styles and a variety of sizes. They can be customized to give the look of a tote or a briefcase by adding a plastic handle and a secure locking mechanism.

Add Eye Appeal and Durability


Using film lamination is a way to enhance and protect your 3-ring binder or folder project. When Corporate Image was founded almost 30 years ago, the goal was to introduce an alternative to vinyl binders. Europe at the time was phasing out  vinyl because it could not be safely disposed of in the land fills due to its toxic properties. Printed binders took the place of vinyl and soon designers realized the graphic opportunities that print provided. Corporate Image followed suit with the introduction of our FlexHinge binder and looked for a product that would protect the binder and enhance the graphics. It also could not be harmful to the environment either in the production or disposal processes.

Our lamination is made of either a thin sheet of polypropylene, polyester or nylon and all can be safely recycled. When applied to paper, the paper can be repulped and the plastic film will be separated and recycled with other plastics. We offer gloss, semigloss and natural matte lamination films that are available with a smooth or linen finish. Our polypropylene film, natural matte, has become the most popular because it is non-reflective and has a smooth, silky feel. It provides a protective coating that allows you to reuse the product, thus extending its life so your project can make a lasting impression.

A Better Binders’ Board

When we were searching for a tag line for our new bare board binders, we came up with the idea of highlighting the binders board – the heart of the binder or “the core” as it was to become known. The binders’ board we use for all of our binders is unique and makes for a good story because it is constructed of 100% post-consumer waste, but it’s not ordinary waste, and hence not ordinary board.

We refer to our board as binders board, but it’s commonly called solid board in the industry and has a number of qualities which make it unique. First, it is not made from your average street waste, but clean waste that is collected from health clubs around Holland, so it’s a mixture of magazines, newspapers and other like paper. This recycled paper complies with the FSC standard when the composition of the ultimate solid board demonstrably comprises at least 85% FSC paper and/or recycled paper. Because it is FSC certified, customers know that the board complies with responsible forest management. The production process employs very clean and safe manufacturing conditions.

This particular board is selected for our 3-ring binders because it is strong and it retains its strength, shape and volume even in humid and damp conditions. It can also be easily customized in many different designs and dimensions and special printing and embossing techniques can be used to make a product that stands out. We landed on using “green at the core” for our tagline to describe the environmental benefit that comes from our bare board binders and because there is no lamination, it is green from the outside cover to the core.



Do More With Less…The New Glueless Folder


















Less expensive to ship

Take less space to store

Use less energy to make

Less harm to the environment

Our new glueless folder made from 100% recycled paper can do more for you while using less of those things that impact the environment. We have reduced the energy required to make the folders because they’re glueless and there is no coating on the paper. And to make them even more green we use soy based inks and send them flat to save valuable storage space and shipping costs.

The glueless pocket folder is a versatile folder that you just fold, tuck and lock to create a pocket with a capacity up to ¼ inch. It is great solution for media kits, annual reports or to use as your everyday pocket folder. We have 8 different styles to choose from that are attractively priced to save you more money. You will be surprised that 100% recycled folders are such a great value!

100% Recycled Paper – Now More Affordable!

When Corporate Image first started printing on recycled papers a number of years ago, they were significantly more expensive than coated papers. Our customers had just begun requesting earth friendly options to reflect their environmental values, but the overall demand was still low. Over time, it became more common to find recycled paper with up to 30% post-consumer waste and prices for those papers began slowly declining. But, there were very few choices for 100% PCW, so it remained expensive… until now!

We have discovered a quality 100% recycled paper that we use for pocket folders, custom boxes and multi-media packaging that is very affordable. Available in bright, white 80 lb. text and 100 lb. cover weight, it is a smooth sheet that is fully recyclable and of course FSC certified. It is a great option for greening your presentation project and it won't break your pocketbook.

Our new Flush-Cut Binder


The flush cut binder from Corporate Image is a great innovation in green binder technology. We designed a binder that is constructed with our 100% post-consumer waste binder’s board that does not need any lamination on the cover. Instead, we adhere a sturdy recycled paper to the board that can be decorated with offset printing, debossing or using metallic or pigment colored foil stamping. Then the board and paper are trimmed so the cover and liner are flush with the board edge. We also round the corners for extra durability and to enhance the appearance. The result is an interesting blend of board, paper and ink that reveals the core of the binders board. It’s a great look and 100% recyclable. Our customers love the fact that the binder it unique, doesn’t have any coating or lamination and it communicates their commitment to the environment. 

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