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Hospitality custom guest directory binder, Corporate Image, eco-friendly presentation materials,  custom binder, custom folderIn the hospitality and restaurant industry, the most important aspect is the relationship between the guest and host. From the reception and entertainment of guests and visitors, to resorts, membership clubs, conventions, attractions, special events, and traveling services- Corporate Image can help with all of your presentation needs. These industries strive to offer their customers nothing less than quality and variety.

Corporate Image quality custom binders and folders, will present a professional appearance with a variety of custom options for each individual project. Whether your company is looking for eco-friendly or an old world elegance, we have templates, mock-ups, and samples to help you design your package.

Corporate Image offers multiple custom options for restaurant menu binders, guest service directories, hotel room directory covers or in-room binders. We can also custom print entertainment guide covers, guest check presenters, concierge service binders, vacation and hotel promotional folders, and guest directories. Corporate Image can create different binder sizes with many ring options and custom printed and sized tab dividers for easy divisions between your custom directories.

Need a High Quality, Low Quantity, Eco-friendly, Customizable 3-ring binder? Check out the Quick Ship Binder by Corporate Image

You’re looking for a high quality binder but don’t need a high quantity.  You want a professional custom 3 ring binder.  It also needs to be an eco-friendly, custom 3-ring binder and shipped in 5 days.  Where can you find a green printer for this project?

Corporate Image has the perfect solution: The Quick Ship Binder.

Corporate Image- Eco-friendly custom 3-ring binder, 100 % recycled board, 100 % post consumer waste, FSC certified, Quick Ship Binder

To meet the demands of today's changing market – Corporate Image has designed a excellent new binder. With a vastly reduced carbon footprint, this high quality 3-ring binder can be customized, produced in small or large quantities, and shipped in 5 days.

Eco-friendly Binder

This 3 ring binder is eco-friendly, made from FSC certified 100% post-consumer waste binders board.  It also has a digital wrap printed on paper that follows the FSC certified chain-of-custody standards. 

Customizable Binder

Make an impression by customizing this three ring binder with a full color digitally printed wrap on textured endleaf paper.  You can also choose to leave your binder bare.  This ring binder is also available with 3/4”, 1”, or 1-1/2” chrome D-ring.  Organize your binder with additional 3-hole digitally printed tabs that will ship just as fast, also in 5 business days. 

Quick Facts

    * Available in quantities of 50 – 2,000.
    * Ships in 5 days.
    * 100% recycled board.
    * Full color digitally printed wrap.
    * Leave your binder bare or wrap it with black textured endleaf paper.
    * Available with 3/4", 1" or 1-1/2" chrome D-ring.
    * Matte lamination is inert and recyclable.
    * Digital tabs ship in 5 business days.
    * Digitally printed tabs are 3-hole drilled, collated and mylar reinforced.

Custom Eco-Friendly Pocket Folders by Corporate Image

The Problem:

You have an important presentation coming up with an abundance of presentation materials to propose.

  • You need a professional way to make an impression and keep all the official documents in one place. 
  • You need a custom printed folder to present to your client as a promotional tool and to deliver the information in an organized manor.
  • You want to be as green as possible by cutting down on the amount of printed paper.
  • You’re looking for a green printer that can create a custom marketing package for your proposal with excellent complete color printing.

The Solution:

As a green printer, Corporate Image has the perfect solution with the most eco-friendly pocket folder specially crafted to hold any USB Drive.  Now all of your information can stay in one place. 

Because no two jump drives are alike we suggest sending the memory stick to Corporate Image where our expert designer will create a custom fit for the drive.

Save paper and space by storing only the necessary printed material in this high quality pocket folder and put the rest on a flash drive that fits perfectly into the USB Drive space.

Make a big impression with our many additional customizing options including an additional space for business cards.  Stay organized with added expandable pockets or choose the USB option for a custom 3 ring binder.

With Corporate Image’s expertise and proficiency in the green printing field expect only the best complete color printing on your custom eco-friendly pocket folder.



Project Feature – The ultimate green pocket folder made with Neenah’s Conservation paper

We’re pleased to present our very first Product Feature Video showcasing a beautiful – and functional – pocket folder we recently produced for Student Assistance Foundation. In the video you’ll meet Lori Owens, one of our dedicated sales representatives, and find out how Neenah’s Conservation paper was a perfect fit for this client’s environmental and end use goals.

No trees were harmed in the making of this folder! Neenah’s Conservation paper is made of 100% post consumer fiber, completely recyclable and backed by certification from a leading responsible forestry organization. Even better – we printed with soy inks and followed customary responsible manufacturing processes that help minimize waste. Nothing from this folder hit the landfill – everything was recycled or used.

>Request a sample folder!

Corporate Image: Explaining the terms of Green Printing

You are looking for a green printer that produces eco-friendly custom binders, folders, or other marketing materials but there are many “sustainable” terms floating around.  What do they really mean?  Post consumer waste vs recycled content… as a green printer, Corporate Image can help.  Look here for a list of eco-friendly vocabulary to know and view the Eco-table that helps you to choose the best environmental options for your eco-friendly products.

Post Consumer Waste, PCW

Post consumer waste comes from products that have been made and used, then recycled.  This is the last part of the material usage and can also be called “closing the loop”.  As a green printer Corporate Image has done projects such as the eco-friendly custom box for the New York State Energy Research & Development Authority on Smart Paper’s Genesis Paper which was made with 100% PCW.

Recycled Content

Recycled content products are made from materials that would otherwise have been discarded.  These products can be made from anything you recycle like soda cans and newspapers.  There are more than 4,500 recycled-content products available, and this number continues to grow.

End of Life and Recyclability

Recyclable products can be collected and remanufactured into new products after they’ve been used. These products may or may not contain recycled content in the initial manufacturing and only benefit the environment if people recycle them after use.  An example is Corporate Image’s eco-friendly custom folder crafted with Neenah Conservation Paper, which does contain 100% PCW, for the Student Assistance Foundation.  This folder is 100% Recyclable. 


FSC Certified– Certifies sustainable forest management through a set of principles, criteria, and standards.
Green-E Certification– Verifies certified renewable energy and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions

Processed Chlorine Free, PCF

Recycled content paper can be processed chlorine free but must meet all the required guidelines set by the EPA for recycled or post-consumer content.  PCF papers have not been rebleached with chlorine containing compounds, and a minimum of 30% post consumer content is required.  As an option, Corporate Image offers Neenah Conservation Paper for your custom binders, folders and other materials which can all be PCF certified.

Shipping and Product Travel

As mentioned on the Corporate Image: Sustainable Products for your Sustainable Projects blogs, shipping and product travel  are important considerations when choosing the product for your project.  Located in the midwest, Corporate Image both manufactures and ships from a central location.  We also choose paper mills that are close by, for example, our neighbor, Neenah Paper, located in Wisconsin.  Not only does this greatly cut down on the carbon footprint and oil dependency by choosing a product with less travel distance, but it also benefits you because it makes the turnaround shorter and shipping cheaper. 

In order to see the environmental options for your eco-projects view the Eco-table for more information on products used in custom binders, folders, sales boxes, tabs, and software packaging.  Here you will find a visual with different material options for each green printer project.

More Information

Chlorine Free Products Association

Earth 911

Environmental Protection Agency

Treecycle: Recycled Paper

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