Custom Printed Pocket Folders that Make a Difference

Glueless Pocket Folder Ships Flat

Versatile Printed Pocket Folders Will Impress Your Audience

From Media Kits to creative presentation systems, beautiful and durable Corporate Image printed Pocket Folders can be designed to meet virtually any need or budget. Choose one or two pockets, vertical or horizontal pockets, box pockets, expandable pockets, file tabs, portfolio closures and more. Folders are printed on 12-or 18-point stock, then film laminated with gloss, semi gloss or natural matte with your choice of smooth or linen finish for greater strength and protection.

Printed folders can be customized to your specifications or our package designer can help you create a new format. We offer a wide range of styles including the Glueless Pocket Folder pictured above. It is a great solution if you have limited storage space, because it will ship flat. And, it’s an environmentally friendly design that simply fits together with a tab and tuck closure, so no glues or equipment are used in the assembly process.

Ringless Binders are Great for Holding a Pad of Paper

a ringless binder is perfect for holding a pad of paper

Ringless Binders are Perfect for Holding a Pad of Paper

For your next conference, consider a ringless binder for taking notes. It easily and securely holds a notepad of paper in place, while branding your company at the same time. Printed binders, with our without a ring, are designed to make an impression and are the perfect balance of form versus function. Available with around back binder or asquare back binder these binders will stand out and make a great take away from the conference.

The portfolio binder style shown above offers a very professional look and protects the contents as well. It’s really the perfect presentation solution. What’s more it’s green to the core. All of our 3 ring binders at Corporate Image are made from 100% post-consumer waste binders board that is 100% recyclable. What’s more is they are truly sustainable. Our FlexHinge binders are made to last. In fact, they have been tested by the United States Testing Laboratories to see how many openings and closings of the binder would it take to break the hinge. After over 250,000 flexes, the hinge did not fail, which is about the equivalent of 10 years of use

Put Your Brand in Your Customer’s Hands with Custom Binders

Build Your Brand with Custom Printed Binders

Build your brand and what it stands for with Corporate Image‘s custom printed binders. Print should be part of your brand strategy, as it is a very effective way to get your presentation into your customer’s hands. Print is powerful because it’s tangible, it’s 3-dimensional and it endures. As more and more information migrates to the web, it becomes more important for your name and message to stand out from the digital clutter.

Our 3 ring binders will not only hold and organize your materials, but they communicate your company’s image and can make that important first impression more impactful. And, it’s long lasting as a binder can be a resource that is used over and over. Plus, they look great on a shelf or a desk.

We make it easy to order printed binders to help reinforce your company. As many of our customers turn their attention to environmental concerns, we have high-end solutions that will reflect your committment. Our eco-friendly binders are made from 100% post-consumer waste and are completely recyclble. We were the first true American alternative to the vinyl binder and continue to create new eco-innovations.

bertch cabinets, flexhinge binder, square back binderflush-cut binder, chilis, eco-friendly binder


Eco-Friendly Binder Wins Best Binder in the World!


One of our client’s binder projects was awarded “World’s Best Binder by Eska Graphic Board of the Netherlands. The judges were impressed with the innovative design, the different decorating methods used and overall quality. Corporate Image was the first to pioneer this unique binder style, which has come to be known as a flush-cut binder.

To produce it, we start by applying a printed cover and liner to an oversized binders board. Next, we trimmed the board so the cover and liner are flush with the board edge. We use natural paper that can be offset printed using soy inks. The result is an interesting blend of board, paper and ink that reveals the core of the binders board.

In addition to the construction, what made this environmental binder stand out among the other entries was that this project called for debossing, foil-stamping and printing, which showcased the designer’s artwork. It also had a very eco-friendly look because he chose a natural colored, recycled paper that printed beautifully and didn’t need lamination.

This particular binder style is used by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife because of its eco-friendly qualities: it’s made from 100% post-consumer wasted binders board, printed on recycled paper with soy inks and is 100% recyclable.

Artesian Cancer Center

Flush-Cut Round Back Binder

1 ½ inch D Ring

80# Oatmeal Endleaf Paper

Custom Printed Binders and Tabs Strengthen Your Brand

A custom printed binder can make all the difference whether your products get noticed in the marketplace

Precision Set Fine Jewelry Works wanted to showcase their stunning designs in a binder that reflected their elegance and beauty. They chose a full-color, round back style binder with an image of a ring that wrapped around  the spine to the back cover.

The artwork, highlighted by the beautiful printing on the cover of your 3 ring binder, draws ones attention to the gem stones on the ring which seem to sparkle. It truly invites a person to pick up the binder and when they do, they will be impressed by the design of the  tab dividers, each featuring a different piece of jewelry photographed in black and white. On the back of each tab is a succinct messaging in white type on a black background that reinforces the product and brand. The entire package is complete with an abstract color photo that spans the interior liner from edge to edge and perfectly complements the black and white tab dividers.

This is one of the most beautiful projects we’ve seen at Corporate Image and points to the added value that comes from collateral materials that work together. It’s a wonderful example of how design and artwork cab contribute to the overall success of a sales campaign.


Impress Your Audience with a Custom Printed Folder



Tension Envelope company wanted Corporate Image to create a custom printed folder that would hold their envlelope samples, make a positive imprssion and brand their company. Working with our internal package designer, we created a pair of folders for the project; one to hold the samples and another to present important product information. The sample folder was customized with a series of sturdy slots that held the envelopes firmly in place, as well as neatly organizing them.

Not only was the folder durable and functional, it was impressive from a design perspective. The artwork on the folder cover was visually very effective and the printed liner offered another opportunity to make an impact.

Sales Boxes are a Great Solution for Healthcare Marketers

A sales box is an effective and affordable solution for healthcare marketers when looking for a way to package important patient information. Whether it’s for a pharmaceutical company or a medical device manufacturer, sales boxes keep the contents organized and close at hand. Corporate Image has a wide variety of dies from which to choose or if you have a specific size or configuration in mind, we can customize your sales box.

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