QuickShip Binders and Tabs Ship in Only One Week

Short run, fast turn around custom 3-ring binders

If you need a beautiful custom 3-ring binder in a hurry, ask about our QuickShip binders and tab dividers.

The Quickship binder has a full-color, printed spine wrap is applied to either a bare board binder or to a black 3-ring binder. These 2 options are available in quantities from 50 to 1,500 with your choice of 3 chrome D-ring sizes.

If you need binders for your next board meeting, proposal or conference Corporate Image offers a great custom option giving you unlimited design potential.  On top of that, we ship within 5 working days of getting your order, so you can get it when you need it.

If you need a 3-ring binder faster than that (last minute!) Try Naked Binder, our eco friendly, off the shelf binders that you can have tomorrow!


Why our Custom Binders are the Greenest and Most Sustainable on the Planet

Eco-conscious solutions to Help Grow Your Business

The values you bring to your business are what your customers respond to. Hard work, great service, eco friendly and superior quality translate to repeat business and happy customers.  Corporate Image is here to make sure your values are inherent in the presentation materials you offer to your customers. Not only is our customer service amazing but our quality and range of options to give you the options for a range of eco friendly products.

Lets look at our 3-ring binders.

Our Corporate Image custom printed binders are made from high quality book binders board, produced from 100% post consumer waste. A remarkably clean board, our binders board is light gray with small flecks of color in it.

The hinges on our binders will never fail because they are pressed into the board with a unique computer controlled machine. These hinges were tested by an independent lab, US Testing, and after more than 250,000 flexes, the hinge showed little wear.

We offer bare board binders, flush cut binders, custom printed binders – all 100% recyclable.

Our heritage is book binding and we use that knowledge and craftsmanship in every custom binder, folder and box. You can count on it.

Foil Stamping Adds Impact to Your Custom Binder

Fuego custom binder stands out from the crowd

“We wanted an option that would reflect the product and the brand, so the use of natural and environmentally friendly materials was important to us. Corporate Image worked to find a raw binder that could be imprinted with the Fuego logo. The final product is a beautiful and unique binder that reflects our commitment to design and on par with the sales materials it holds.” Yael Wufhart, Fuego North America

The Fuego binder is a bare board binder with a single color of foil stamping.

Good Design Can Be Found Everywhere

Packaging in a Bottle

Corporate Image loves good design. For over 30 years, we’ve been helping graphic designers match their creativity and design talents with our custom binders, tabs, folders and boxes. However, sometimes, we’ll see something outside our realm that is so creative, well designed and eco-friendly that we like to recognize and share it. To see more images of this garden wall outside a home in Brazil, click on this link:



The Corporate Image Perspective

Dedicated to Quality Custom Binders, Folders and Boxes

At Corporate Image, we create, print and manufacture the very best vehicles to store, organize and present paper-based communication. We are the definitive source for custom binders, tab dividers, custom folders, sales boxes and corrugated packaging. When you need to present a quality image for your business, products or services, we can help. Look to the Corporate Image website or catalog for inspiration and ideas. Let our unmatched experience and unparalleled capabilities make it a reality.


Expand Your Custom Folder Opportunities

Expandable Custom Folders Hold More on Demand

When Central Bancorp needed a custom pocket folder that would hold more sheets if needed, they turned to our Expandable Pocket Folder from Corporate Image.  There are times when you don’t know how much capacity you will need and we provide an innovative option for adding more. Folders can stay flat or expand to hold up to 1/4″ inch of materials – at no additional cost.

This can save you money by having one folder that can be used for multiple purposes. In this world of tightening budgets, that can help everyone!  Ask us more about expandable pocket pocket folders here!



Pack Up Your Samples in a Custom Corrugate Box

Corrugate offers unlimited options for packaging samples

This durable solution is lightweight yet incredibly strong. Corporate Image boxes can be customized in an infinite number of ways. They can be direct printed on smooth brown kraft or bleached white corrugated stock, or a laminated offset printed sheet can be applied to the corrugate, creating a beautiful package. A deep ebony option is also available.

When you need to show building materials, tile, glass, stone or other heavy materials, a corrugated box can offer a secure and endlessly customizable option.  Whether you need custom slots to hold materials, unique shapes and closures or specific PMS colors and printing, Corporate Image can take of you.

Put Your Best Pet Forward with Custom Presentation Materials

Custom Binders Make Great Product Guides

Royal Canin, a well known pet food manufacturer keeps Vets informed about their line of products with custom binders from Corporate Image. Our FlexHinge binder with a round back makes an attractive product guide that keeps information at the fingertips of the user. Printed images of dogs and cats makes identification easy for selecting the right product information. Also, the ergonomic round back fits comfortably in the hand so it’s easy to handle. Nothing beats a binder for quickly accessing information and custom tab dividers make it easy to find what you’re looking for.

Unique Alternatives to the Standard Pocket Folder

Upgrade the Look of Your Current Pocket Folder with a Custom Folder

Every business needs a pocket folder. And Corporate Image produces pocket folders that really stand out. We use heavier paper, provide higher lever of print quality, and finish our folders with film lamination that enhances graphics and adds CLICK TO READ MORE

Open Up the Creative Possibilities with a Custom Binder

Going from the Ordinary to the Extraordinary

A custom binder and tab dividers from Corporate Image opens up a whole new world of creative possibilities. Our binder system allows us to offer a wide range of sizes and configurations, from small notebook size to an impressive three-panel portfolio that CLICK TO READ MORE

Custom Printed Sales Boxes


 Custom Printed Sales Boxes and Corrugated Boxes

Custom Sales Boxes are another smart presentation solution from Corporate Image. Economical and easy to assemble, they are designed to ship flat, saving warehouse space and reducing storage and production costs. Simply fold the scores, CLICK TO READ MORE

The Flush-Cut Custom Binder

When you want to stand out from the crowd

What do you not want in a binder? Vinyl. That’s why we created the bare board binder…we wanted a binder that is pure and simple, attractive, natural, functional, inspirational, economical, recyclable and friendly. When it comes to making CLICK TO READ MORE

On the Road Again…






From Brazil to Argentina in a 1929 Ford Model A

Fritz James, the founder of Corporate Image is off on another road rally with Lang Wightman, the President of LBS, Inc. This time, they’ve packed up their restored Model A Ford to drive from Brazil to Ushuaia, Argentina, the southern-most CLICK TO READ MORE

The Corporate Image Compact Binder

A new compact size that brands in a big way

When size matters turn to Corporate Image’s new Compact custom binder. All the great features as our standard  custom binder, but in a sleek notebook size that stows easily in a backpack or briefcase. Originally designed using the dimensions  CLICK TO READ MORE

Enhance Your Custom Folder with Lamination

Lamination adds strength and makes your graphics more brilliant

Lamination is a film of nylon, polyester, or polypropylene. All of these films are inert and none are harmful to the environment. They can be safely recycled. When applied to paper, the paper can be repulped and the plastic film will be separated and recycled with other plastics. Corporate Image offers gloss, semigloss and natural matte lamination films. All Corporate Image laminations are available with either a gloss or linen finish. Our polypropylene natural matte film has become the most popular because it is non-reflective and has a smooth, silky feel.

Designer Friendly Company + Resource = Corporate Image

Graphic Design USA selects Corporate Image as one of the top 100 companies

In celebration of the 50th Year Anniversary of GDUSA, the editors did a feature on Designer Friendly Companies for 2013 and selected Corporate Image as one of the top 100 companies. At the start of every year, the editors spotlight


The Corporate Image Difference

We specialize in first impressions

Corporate Image is in the business of creating good first impressions. One of our presentation packages, whether it’s a custom binder, folder or box speaks volumes about a company, product or service. The Corporate Image difference extends far beyond our printing ability. Nowhere is our attention to detail more evident than in the care and thought which have gone into the design and engineering of our basic styles. Each is designed to meet a specific presentation packaging need.

Should one of our basic styles not meet your presentation packaging needs, our internal package designer can help you create a custom binder, folder or box and send a mock-up. Whatever your presentation project, we’ll design a distinctive professional package. Also, we make your job easy! We’ll email a template into which you can drop your art and after we receive it, we’ll review it and send you a color proof to approve. When the job is finished, it is shipped fully assembled or flat if you wish to conserve valuable space.

We’re becoming a  leading source for quality presentation packaging. Our products and services set us apart from the rest.    Printing standards are very high, which is evident when you receive your job. We use offset presses that are dedicated to printing only covers, so our pressmen go the extra distance to get the color right. We’re in the business of creating good first impressions. And that’s the Corporate Image difference.

Green Innovations in Custom Binders

Eco Friendly, Smart, Durable and Innovative Bare Board Binders

Bare Board Binders from Corporate Image are the perfect choice for clients who want to express their environmental values through a more earth friendly, recyclable product. We were an eco sensitive company long before “green” was mainstream. We built our headquarters on a reclaimed business park more than a decade ago literally recycling a junkyard into a beautifully landscaped campus. And that was just the start.

Our custom binder, originally called the FlexHinge Binder, was the first true American alternative to toxic vinyl binders. Constructed from recycled 100% post-consumer waste binders board covered with printed sheets or bookbinding fabrics, these binders will provide decades of service. When it’s time to discard them, the paper, fabric, metal and board can all be recycled.

The Bare Board Binder is just that…bare board, but it can be foil stamped or embossed to give it a distinctive look. The textural quality and simplicity will make a powerful impact on your audience. In addition, spine wraps in cloth or paper bring a unique look to your Bare Board Binder.

Working with Corporate Image

Dedicated to producing quality custom binders, folders and boxes

Corporate Image’s dedication to quality printed presentation materials and extraordinary service is known and respected by graphic designers, advertising agencies and corporate clients nationwide. Our single minded focus on producing only the best presentation materials including custom binders, custom folders and boxes has earned us a reputation we’re proud of…and a reputation we intend to keep. We’ll continue to do that the we always have…one job at a time. Continuity, consistency and quality…that’s Corporate Image.

Our experienced professionals are available to serve you, Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. CST. Call toll-free, 800-247-8194 or in Des Moines, 515-262-3191. Cynde, our receptionist will answer the phone, so you can talk to a live person. You can also contact us through our website at

We can send you samples of our work. Please keep in mind that samples are current job overruns, so we might not have printed samples of a specific style on hand. You can visit our Corporate Image project gallery to see samples of our work at

The Presentation Binder: The Perfect Cross Between a Pocket Folder and a Custom Binder

When you want more than a pocket folder

Reach for a presentation binder when your project calls for more than a pocket folder, but you don’t need the durability of a binder. A Corporate Image presentation folder is the perfect answer. Often a favorite of health care companies that CLICK TO READ MORE

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