Designing for Presenting Construction, Engineering and Building Materials

Architectural and Engineering firms need to be organized, whether for proposals, client presentations or in-house tracking of projects.

Information binders for Interior Design - Corporate Image


Corporate Image and Naked Binder offer both off the shelf and custom printed 3-ring binders and pocket folders that strong, recycled options for what you need.  We specialize in products that are built to last and have both strong design features and a cradle to cradle mentality.

Whether you are presenting a proposal for a new bridge to a state, a re-design of a house, or offering a brand book of building materials -the best furniture, tiles, lamps and accents – to Interior Designers, you need a strong well made piece to stand out.


Our 3-ring binders have been tested to 250,000 flexes – meaning you could use it 20 times a day for the next 30 years. These may be the strongest 3-ring binders in the world. In an industry building the architectural wonders of tomorrow, that solidity gives confidence to your clients as well as saving you money on replacing binders.

Need it now? Customize as you need them!

Naked Binder offers a line of off-the-shelf binders and folders that you can have in hand tomorrow. Our entire line of amazingly designed 3 ring binders and pocket folders are recycled and recyclable (great for many government and industry proposals).  Order on line today and send that proposal tomorrow.  We work with some of the most talented firms in the US and Canada.

Custom Binders, Folders and Sample Kits

Corporate Image offers a huge range of options from customizing.  Digitally printed short run binders you can have in hand in a week, or fully offset printed binders (with options of debossing, foiled stamping, spot varnish and custom die cuts).

If you would like to see some projects other companies in the building industry have put together, check them out here.

Quality, interesting materials and eco friendly options.

There is a reason that furniture, flooring, construction and engineering firms come to us.  The outstanding quality and craftsmanship of our products reflects the care and attention you put into your own work.

Stand out with interesting materials, excellent printing of your graphics and a range of eco-friendly binders, folders and boxes. For more on sample kits look here.

Creating and Designing for Healthcare and Medical information

The needs of the Medical and Healthcare Industries for patient information packets, folders and binders are unique.

At Corporate Image, we work with a lot with of Medical and Healthcare facilities creating better patient information packets, meeting or conference  kits and and staff information folders. With the large quantity of work we have done, we thought we would share with you the ideas and trends that we have seen Medical  information packets.

Patient Information Binders and Pocket Folders

As you know, keeping the patient well informed from entering your health system to treatment options can lower anxiety and help your doctors to counsel patients on their best path forward to healthier, happier lives.

This information has to be clear, well organized and easily search-able.  A small binder is usually enough to present the basics of even complicated treatments with room for follow up and and ongoing regimens.  Tab dividers can make for quick and focused sections as well as adding new information as needed.

Doctor Information binders – Medical Devices, Information and Pharmaceutical binders

Information on the latest and greatest in medicine can also be packaged for ease of use as well as easy finding and storage. We all know doctors, nurses and administrators get extremely busy.  Providing information that is already stored, clearly marked and with interesting branding helps keep everything top of mind, so when someone needs the information is can be found immediately.

Go here for more information and examples of healthcare and medical information materials.

Understanding which Plastics are which.

Plastics have become an everyday part of our lives, but are there issues we need to consider?

What are the issues inherent in the type of plastic should that, say, you have it on the shelf as a vinyl binder or as a cup you drink out of.  As we become more aware of  of what we are putting into our bodies (and the pacific gyre).

This  graphic is obviously not by the plastics industry (which I am sure has a different take on this), but might be something to get you more curious as to how plastics can affect you, if they are affecting you and what you can do about it.  While we are not advocating wide spread panic about these, it is useful and instructive to know what you are surrounding yourself with.

There is a reason that Corporate Image and Naked Binder do not use PVCs.  The studies on the issues with PVC are clear and the issues are huge.  While the are not banned in the USA, many industries (car manufacturers, shoe manufacturers, makers of children’s toys and a whole lot more) are voluntarily cutting use of PVC and other vinyls.

For more information on vinyl or recycling vinyl binders you can look here.  Wikipedia has a history and a lot of references on plastics here and the EPA information on PVC here.

Choosing the Right Ring Size for Your Binder

Figuring out what size binder you need can be a problem.

In the big box stores, 3-ring binders are sold by spine width.  While this tells you a lot about how much room it takes up on a shelf, it doesn’t tell you how much paper it holds.  Depending on how much room there is outside of the ring and what shape the ring is, the paper the binder carries could vary by 150 sheets.

Types of binder rings:

Generally, round rings are mounted on the spine of Square Back Binders and on the back cover of Round Back Binders.  They don’t hold as much paper as a D-ring, but some people find them easier when turning the paper.

D-Rings are mounted on the back cover of both round and square back binders. They offer greater page capacity and help paper lie flat and align evenly in the binder.  If you want to read all of your tab dividers, a d-ring will show them all as the paper stacks vertically.  In a round ring, the paper stacks in roughly the arc of the ring.

If the D-ring is appealing but you worry about easy turning of pages, try a slant D.  This offers the cleanly stacked sheets and all of the capacity, but with a much easier page flip.

How to measure a binder ring

If you are trying to match a previous binder, on a D-ring binder you measure the flat part of the ring, on a round ring you measure the diameter of the circle.  We have a handy chart here which can help with figuring that out.

So how large will the spine of the binder be with a 1″ D-Ring?

This will vary a bit based on what  type of spine you get and style of binder.  For a general look, we can look at Naked Binder, the “off the shelf” brand of Corporate Image (don’t know them?  Check them out!).  Their binder dimensions are as follows:

Binder Dimensions

1″ D-ring Binder

  • Spine 1-3/4″
  • Height 11-5/8″
  • Width 10-15/16″

1.5″ D-ring Binder 

  • Spine 2.5″
  • Height 11-5/8″
Width 11-3/8″

2″ D-ring Binder

  • Spine 2-7/8″
Height 11-5/8″
  • Width 12-1/16″

2.5″ D-ring Binder

  • Spine 3-3/8″
  • Height 11-5/8″
Width 12.5″

That should give a good idea of how a ring fits into a binder. Good luck sizing your next binder project and if you need any help, please feel free to call us!

Options for Customizing 3-ring binders

There are a lot of options for customizing your 3-ring binder from labeling as you need them to having printed binders made. What you need depends on how you use them.

Lets assume you need to customize your binders. How to proceed depends on how many you need.

Ask your self some questions –

  • Are the binders I need the same size?
  • Do they all need to have the same information?
  • What kind of look/branding am I trying to portray?

If you want a classier look, vinyl binders are out.  They fall apart, they are toxic and they look like you are in third grade.

Naked Binder - bare board binder with label

Short and varied binder runs:


If you need a range of sizes and information, your best bet is designing amazing labels and putting them on yourself. This method has been used by everyone from huge architectural firm proposals to teachers applying for tenure with great success. Other options are temporary tattoos which look great and hold well to the bare board binders, laser etching (for those with larger budgets), custom die cuts and silk screening.

For these binders, check out Naked Binders lines of binders.  We have one to fit any style.


short run printed binders - corporate Image

Bigger multiples of binders:



If you need more than 50 3-ring binders that are the same size and with the same information, perhaps it may be easier to get a printed binder.  There is a great option of a digitally printed spine wrap over either bare board or a black paper cased binder that is economical and really eye-catching.

These are great for larger proposal binders, conference and meeting binders or presentation binders.  They are 100% recyclable. More information here.



printed 3-ring binder - Corporate Image

Larger run binders:

Once you need runs of 500 binders or more getting a printed binder is actually cheaper and gives you a lot more options. Once you go to the offset press, it costs the same to have a printed cover and liner as it does to just print the cover, so you have twice the design real estate.

If you are putting together a large conference,  a company wide information binder or need to get your product specs out to a lot of people in a way that both protects and promotes, a custom printed binder is the way to go.  More here on options.



Naked Binder and Corporate Image are sister companies working together to get you what you need when you need it.  Naked Binder has a set line of binders that can ship same day for those rush projects, while Corporate Image specializes in custom printed 3-ring binders, folders, boxes and just about anything you can design!

Clip Your Pad Here – A ringless binder can be used in many ways

Great way to keep your notes in a custom binder

When you want to hold a pad of paper in your custom binder, a clip is an easy and attractive way to do it. Corporate Image offers a wide range of sizes and styles from which to choose. Use it with or without a ring, either way this provides a great branding opportunity.

We also have options to use the our binders to hold spiral bound inserts.  This is a great option for companies and foundations who have a lot of proposal binders going out.  You can combine the spiral bound materials with a branded cover that protects the inserts, stands out on the table with 250 other proposals and sends a clear message as to who you are and what you stand for.

Create Sample Kits from Durable Corrugate

Alice2 custom corrugated box by Corporate Image

Unlimited Design Possibilities

Corporate Image offers a wide selection of custom corrugated products. Lightweight, yet incredibly strong, these boxes are designed to ship flat. They can be customized in an infinite number of ways. Custom boxes can be flexo direct printed on smooth brown kraft or bleached white corrugated stock, or a laminated offset printed sheet can be applied to the corrugated board, creating a beautiful wrapped box. Boxes can be printed inside and out platforms and dividers can be customized to hold the contents. Styles range from locking pizza boxes to large sales totes with handles and everything in between. Several styles of these sturdy boxes are ideally suited to be self-mailers.

Often you have product, information or samples you need to keep safe but want to present in a way that makes a great impact. Consider corrugated.  It isn’t just cardboard boxes – there are a wide range of colors and thicknesses to pick from. If you need help, our package design team can help.


A Custom 3-ring Binder With Storage

Customize your binder with a sales box

Flexibility is the key when it comes to designing your custom binder. Once you know what materials your binder will hold, you can proceed with configuring it, so it will be functional and impactful. American Water Heaters attached a sales box to the inside back cover of the binder, so contents  could be separated, but still stored in one handy place for quick reference.


Sample kits and boxes for the construction industry

If you are a manufacturer that works with the building industry, you know you have a lot of competition.  You need a way to showcase your samples that stands out.

At Corporate Image, we have worked with furniture, lighting, tile and stone, carpet, glass and many many more industries to find a way to present samples and hardware.  Our in-house designers can work out details to insure your samples are safe, beautifully presented and give you a custom template to design your art work.

Call us to get more information or samples on our sample presentation kits and boxes.

Making you look good is what we do.

Success Starts with a Good First Impression

Whatever  the project, our goal has always been the same: to help our customers successfully showcase their organization with our presentation products. Their success is our success and for over 30 years, Corporate Image has been helping creative professionals turn their ideas into reality with our line of custom binders, boxes and pocket folders. It’s all about artwork and craftsmanship coming together to make a great impression!

We can offer you recycled and recyclable options that work with your companies values, an amazing range of printing, foil and debossing options as well as exceptional customer service.   (We are a triple threat of excellence, you might say). Our design department will create custom templates for whatever product you design.

Custom Binder Designed to Holds Bamboo Floor Samples


Custom binders offer almost unlimited design flexibility

Bamboo Hardwoods uses a custom binder from Corporate Image  to hold samples of their flooring products. The sample binders offer a convenient way to display product options and are an easy and effective way to for people to see and touch the material. The full color images help to sell the look and feel of bamboo flooring.

Paperboard Binders are Conference Favorites

Economical alternative to our standard binders

Paperboard binders from Corporate Image are a great option when a full size binder is not necessary. We offer a presentation binder, which is often referred to as a paperboard binder, as an economical way to organize and brand your company, product or services. A hybrid of the binder and folder, Presentation Binders offer flexibility in creating the perfect presentation tool for conferences and come in a wide range of styles and options, which include business card, brochure and dvd slits It is also available with a portfolio closure that offers more protection and a sophisticated look. Available in 18-pt. or 24-pt paper stock and black or chrome round rings.


Ways to Customize A 3-ring Binder – Offset Printing

What are the options for a custom 3-ring binder?  Let us give you some ideas.

It is not everyday that you are asked to design a custom three ring binder for your company or a client. So, Assuming you want something that looks good, is non-toxic and lasts, where do you start?

Not a problem. Corporate Image can review the design and material options for your consideration. We are writing a series of blogs to let you know your options as well as a environmental review to help make important decisions about your custom binder and the relative environmental properties and recyclability.

Offset Printing

The most cost effective option in customizing a medium to large number of binders.  Easy to produce, clear templates and lots and lots of room to craft a message and look for your client.

Offset printing with full color graphics on the cover and liner is popular in part because the design possibilities are endless with the combination of 4-color process and Pantone Matching (PMS) colors. It is possible to combine photographs, graphics, line art and logos to create a stunning informational marketing product. The design real estate is huge, with full coverage on the front and back covers, spine and liner. As the binder is opened the inside liner provides a full landscape for added images and branding. As an added bonus, offset printing is also one of the most cost effective options for large volumes.
(+ Click to view enlarged image)

Environmental Considerations: Offset printed binders are 100% recyclable along with other paper. Simply separate the steel rings from the binder cover and recycle accordingly. Corporate Image offers two styles of offset printed binders, Flush-cut and Turned-edge.

The flush-cut binder is printed up to the edge of the cover and liner. However, the edges of the binder show raw board. The flush cut binder is made with up to 95% recycled materials and is 100% recyclable.

The turned-edge binder is made like a book – fully cased and lined.

Both styles can be protected with a lamination which is inert and non-toxic. It can be put into the recycling with the rest of the binder. The lamination will get separated from the paper in the recycling process and be recycled itself.

Corrugated Packaging Makes Great Sample Kits

Corporate Image offers versatile solutions for holding samples

When it comes to packaging samples for display or a trade show, Corporate Image can deliver a standard box or create a customized sample kit to hold unusual sizes, configurations and shapes. They offer complete design flexibility. This durable solution is CLICK TO READ MORE

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