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Custom Printed Presentation Products

The proof is in the final product

Attention to detail is the Corporate Image difference. We’re no ordinary commercial printer. We’re presentation packaging specialists producing attractive laminated presentation folders, marketing kits, custom binders and boxes, point of purchase displays and since that’s all we do, we do it exceptionally well. State-of-the-art printing technology, precision deisgn and engineering, and an overall commitment to quality and craftsmanship are an important part of the Corporate Image difference. Our ability to print outstanding solids and our excellent four-color process work wins national printing and advertising industry awards. But it’s our exclusive finishing process that really makes Corporate Image’s presentation packages so special. Using a heat and pressure method, we laminate our work with a polyester, nylon or polypropylene film which not only protects and strengthens the printed piece, it enhances the visual appeal as well. Lamination becomes an integral part of the design because it intensifies color and makes graphics really pop! Lamination ensures that our solids stay solid and that our folders stay bright and beautiful., because it won’t peel off, crack, or chip on score lines. We offer lamination options in a Natural Matte, Semi-Gloss or High Gloss with a smooth or linen-textured finish.

Increase Your Response with Marketing Materials that Make an Impact on Your Audience…Not the Environment

Medical Presentation Binder

Our folders, custom binders and boxes will help your brand stand out.

The Corporate Image difference extends far beyond our printing and manufacturing capabilities. Nowhere is our attention to detail more evident than in the care and thought which have gone into the design and engineering of our basic styles. Each is designed to meet a specific presentation packaging need.

Our Custom Presentation Binders neatly store and organize larger quantities of printed material and are ideal for periodically updated information. For those who need to present and store even greater quantities of print material or samples, our custom printed 3 ring binders are a versatile and attractive solution. And when it comes to keeping important information right at a client’s fingertips, there’s no better or more impactful way than with a custom printed folder.

Should one of our basic styles not meet your presentation packaging needs, we’ll help you design a custom configuration. We’ve created ways to present and package everything from flash drives to season ticket custom packages. Whatever your presentation project, we’ll work with you to distinguish your brand in the marketplace. We’re in the business of creating good first impressions. And that’s the Corporate Image difference!


NeoCon is Coming up June 10-12 at the Merchandise Mall in Chicago

2013 NeoCon Show
NeoCon provides a great opportunity to see the latest in furniture design

NeoCon is North America’s largest design exposition and conference for commercial interiors, providing over 40,000 architecture and design professionals with nearly 100 accredited seminars, association forums and top-notch keynote speakers. Discover thousands of innovative products and resources for corporate, hospitality, healthcare, retail, government, institutional and residential interiors from more than 700 showrooms and exhibitors.

Over the years, Corporate Image has attended the NeoCon Conference to stay informed on developments and innovative products in the furniture industry. Many of our furniture customers use folders, custom binders, sample boxes and custom boxes to stay in front of their audiences, because there’s nothing like the feel of a sample to communicate the features and attributes of their products.


Corporate Image to Show New Product at HOW Design Conference

HOW Design Conference June 24-26, San Francisco, CA

Corporate Image will be on hand at this year’s HOW Conference in San Francisco to unveil a new product which will enhance your wiro bound proposal. We now offer a binder without a ring that can hold the wiro bound book in place, which makes a sharp looking and professional presentation when you want to make an impression on your audience. Instead of just handing out an important proposal, invest in communicating the best your brand or business has to offer to win the sale.

Our representatives Barb McChesney and Shane Percival will be available to show the new wiro book holder and answer your questions. This will be the 20th HOW Conference that Corporate Image has attended and we’re excited to be part of the creative community which gets together annually to network, educate and promote great design in the world. We’ll have samples of recent custom binder, folder and box projects to show to give you ideas about how your brand can stand out and get noticed!

Visit the HOW Design Conference web site to learn more about this year’s conference. Please join us for a fun, creative and inspiring time in SF. It’s your chance to connect with thousands of other designers, in-house managers, and freelancers.

Eye Catching Presentation Packaging

Presentation Packaging

Marketing materials made easy!

Attention getting dimensional presentation packaging has consistently proven itself a powerful part of successful direct mail campaigns. We’ve packaged everything from piggy banks to golf balls and from cereal boxes to compasses. It’s unlimited.

Because Corporate Image specialize in printing only presentation packaging, we have the experience and the production capability to work with you to design and print custom direct marketing packages. Our successful track record in designing and producing direct mail packaging can help you avoid expensive mistakes. The sheer number of successful projects we’ve completed lets us steer your project away from trouble spots. Based on your ideas and specifications, we’ll collaborate with you to design a prototype and make a new die or we can help you select from our library of existing dies.

Corporate Image Red Buds in Bloom

Corporate Image Campus

Spring finally comes to Des Moines

The flowering trees are always a welcome sight on the Corporate Image campus. Especially beautiful each year are the red bud trees as seen in this recent photo. The spring in Des Moines has been wetter and colder than usual, so we’re just beginning to enjoy the colors. The Corporate Image campus is comprised of 3 buildings that are surrounded by a wide assortment of evergreen and flowering trees.

Portfolio Style Presentation Binders

Portfolio Style Pocket Folder

Corporate Image Presentation Binders for the healthcare market

Presentation Binders are a great way to communicate information to patients and families. Many of our clients choose a portfolio style to make the folder more elegant and distinguishable from standard binders. You’ve heard it before…it’s all about presentation. To house your materials with suitable size, style and class, presentation binders may just fit the bill. When a full-size binder is too big and a standard folder is too small, our presentation binder may be just right.

Mural Unveiling – You Helped Make This Happen!

Corporate Image has been helping support this effort over the last months and now the unveiling will happen!

Where:        Polk County Health Department    1907 Carpenter Ave, Des Moines, IA 50314

When:          May 17th, from 5-8pm

More!:         The May 17th event will include araffle of a custom bicycle donated by Ichi Bike (311 East Walnut, Des Moines) a canvas print of “Bike Club”; and a $150 gift certificate from Scheels All Sports and Scheels Hardware.

Polk County Health Department to Host Unveiling of Inspirational Artwork by Local Artist On May 17th, from 5-8pm the Polk County Health Department is hosting a reception to unveil the first of six paintings to be completed over the next two years. “Bike Club” is a 6′ x 11′, oil on canvas painting by local artist, Dick Shook, of a group of cyclists making their way along a rural bike path. The series of paintings is intended to motivate visitors to be more physically active.

Shook said that the project was conceived following a visit with his wife to the clinic for a flu shot. He told his wife, “this place needs artwork.” Then he began to work through what kind of art that would be. “We spend an enormous amount of time waiting and it seemed to me we could improve on that time by using art to do more than merely decorate the walls.”

Working with Polk County Health Department director, Rick Kozin, Shook developed a series of concepts that would invite people to make healthy lifestyle choices. Kozin reported,”We know from the research that clinical medical services (seeing a doctor) is not the main factor in what makes us healthy or not. Having a supportive community environment that makes the healthy choice the easy choice is much more important. With this art our waiting room becomes a supportive environment and not just a waiting room.” According to Kozin, more than 20,000 people visit the Health Department each year.

Among the paintings to be completed are images of skipping rope, strolling, yoga, swimming and playground activities, overall about 210 square feet of canvas. Shook said, “What I’ve wanted to do is to show how various kinds of simple and accessible activities can enrich our lives and encourage a habit of regular, enjoyable, exercise.”

One of the early sponsors of the wellness-oriented public art is the UnitedHealthcare Community Plan of Iowa. “We are supporting this project because this inspirational artwork depicts healthy lifestyles that can motivate people to live healthier lives – not only when they visit the Polk County Health Department but also in their everyday lives and in their communities,” said Nancy Lind, executive director for UnitedHealthcare Community Plan of Iowa.

The Metro Arts Alliance is receiving funds in behalf of Dick Shook’s Art Initiative. Donations can be made online through a link at or The May 17th event will include araffle of a custom bicycle donated by Ichi Bike, 311 East Walnut, Des Moines; a canvas print of “Bike Club”; and a $150 gift certificate from Scheels All Sports and Scheels Hardware.


Sarah M. Boese

Health Educator,

Public Information Officer,

Certified Wellness Coach

Polk County Health Department

1907 Carpenter Ave, Des Moines, IA 50314 office

515-286-3895 / cell 515-664-7869

Corporate Image Multimedia Packaging

DVD SleevePackaging digital media for the medical industry

Sometimes it is easier and clearer to give information digitally, rather than hand someone a huge stack of papers.

Corporate Image has created a number of innovative, practical and affordable solutions to mail, present and store CDs, DVDs and USB drives that can help you get your information out cleanly and elegantly. Multimedia packages from Corporate Image include simple DVD sleeves,  perforated zip-strip envelope DVD mailers and self-mailers.

Best of all, on top of the top notch quality, they are affordable and functional.

The packages are paper based, not plastic, so they can be printed to coordinate with other collateral material such as folders, binders and brochures (even better, get a pocket folder with a USB drive holder or built-in CD holder). If you need to incorporate a DVD into a custom binder, consider our 3-ring options and accessories that are designed to fit into your presentation.

Think Inside the Box

Corrugated Sample Box with Handle

Sometimes the best solutions is to highlight the products

At Corporate Image, we can customize your box to create the right package for your needs. Our boxes offer complete design flexibility with the option of full color graphics inside and out. All 4-color inks are soy based and contain 19% soy based ink. For extra strength and durability, boxes can be laminated to provide protection for your graphics.

For those of  you who work in commercial and building interiors, you are faced with the issue of how best to present your products. Whether you are working in corporate, hospitality, health care, retail, government, institutional or residential interiors, you need to present your information and samples in a way that is compelling and easy to use.

Corporate Image has created innovative packaging for samples in everything from tiles, glass, carpet to furniture and finishing hardware. Check out some of the solutions we have made for the commercial interiors and building industry!


Corporate Image Design Support

Create the best possible presentation packaging with a custom prototype and digital template.

If needed, one of our Corporate Image sales representatives will enlist the help of our product design team to collaborate with you on developing a custom presentation product. We’ll help you sell your idea. There’s no charge for producing an initial prototype of a custom design, built to your specifications. Multiple copies for presentations are available for a small fee.

When you’re ready to begin the final design phase of your custom binder, pocket folder or box project, we will email a template to you. This ensures that your final product will match your design and eliminates the worry about critical details like score lines, glue strips, tuck flaps and die cutting tolerances.

Don’t just take our word for it,

“At The HON Company, we needed to tell our sustainability story and worked with Corporate Image to produce a unique, environmentally friendly package. From knowing which eco-friendly materials to use, through package design, Corporate Imaged showed they really understood our needs and the importance of matching our message with the right presentation solution.”
Chad Johnson, The HON Company

Green Innovations in Pocket Folders

Glueless Pocket Folder

New Glueless Pocket Folder

Improvement is on ongoing process at Corporate Image. Take pocket folders, for instance. We have an incredibly successful line of them. So, we certainly didn’t have to launch a year-long-review and redesign project. But that’s exactly what we did. And the results are astonishing. Greener, leaner, smarter folders. See the 25 top pocket folder designs here!

Our packaging designers and production team examined every single folder in our extensive die library. When formats could be scaled down to allow printing on a smaller sheet, they redesigned the die, reducing paper waste. Velcro closures were eliminated and innovative tuck closures were designed, eliminating the need to remove the Velcro before recycling the pocket folder.

They also created a new folder designed to ship flat and assemble on demand. Glueless folders are less expensive and take less energy to manufacture. They are a breeze to assemble. Just fold the scores, tuck where indicated and you have a multi-purpose folder. Ingenious! And they can go directly into the recycling bin when no longer needed.

New FSC certified coated and uncoated paper choices have been tested and added to our line. They print beautifully and include stocks with 10%, 30% and 100% recycled content. The choice is yours!

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