A Liner is a Terrible Thing to Waste

Custom Printed 3 Ring Binder

Because our covers and liners are printed on the same press sheet, there is no additional charge for printing the inside liner. It provides the opportunity to communicate important information that can easily be referred to.

At Corporate Image, we create, print and manufacture the very best printed binders, folders and custom boxes to store, organize and present paper-based communication. When you need to present a quality image for your business, we can help.

Chicos Chic

QuickShip BinderThis is a project we did with Chicos for their White House Black Market boutique chain. The product is a QuickShip binder that can ship in as little as 5 days and can be ordered in quantities as low as 50 binders. The idea for the QuickShip came from repeated requests for a unique product that could be produced quickly. The result is a binder covered in black, recycled paper to which we attach a printed, spine wrap or you can use just the spine wrap over bare board for a more natural look. There is a thin layer of Natural Matte lamination on the printed wrap to protect and enhance the graphics.


Best Binder in North America…again












In 2011, our Corporate Image binder won the award for “Best binder in the World” from Eskay Corporation in the Netherlands. In 2012, Eskay awarded another one of our binders, “Best Binder in North America” and for the 3rd year in a row, one of our binders has been recognized as the “Best Binder in North America”. We would love to take all the credit, but our part is to simply transform the outstanding graphics from our customers into beautiful presentation products. It is our goal to help you market and differentiate your customers and products. When you  are successful, we are successful, as evidenced by our recent string of awards.





2013 HOW Conference Notes

Corporate Image Booth at the 2013 HOW Conference

HOW again proved to be a great resource and inspiration for us at Corporate Image. This is the 16th year we have attended the conference. For starters,  San Francisco was an excellent setting for expanding one’s perspective about design in general. It’s a town with a vibrant and diverse culture, architecture and landscape. HOW presents an important opportunity to connect with customers and new contacts to get feedback about our products, services, as well as learn about new design trends and presentation packaging needs in the marketplace. The role of print continues to evolve, but it is evident that it compliments and reinforces a digital strategy. Staying power continues to be one of the dominant goals of marketers and there’s nothing like getting a product or a promotional piece in the hands of the customer or prospect. The fact that it is tangible offers presence and credibility, which can be elusive in the digital world.

This year we showed a new binder that is a great solution for those projects or proposals which require extra visual appeal to make a positive impression. We call it a wiro-binder because it is designed to hold the wiro or spiral bound notebook in place with an attractive mechanism that slides neatly through the center of the round wire. It’s a simple way to dress-up your presentation. Our compact binder was a hit with attendees who liked it’s smaller size and ease of handling. It was designed originally to be the same dimensions of a tablet computer, so it could be conveniently carried in a backpack, briefcase or purse.

We look forward to next year’s HOW Conference, which will be in Boston again and offers a wonderful opportunity to explore for creative ideas.



The Most Versatile Binders Available

Custom Printed Binders

Corporate Image makes the most versatile binder on the market. This portfolio style was created to hold materials in the A4 ring, as well as the custom box that is attached to the inside liner. Everyday, we are helping designers, agencies and companies find the perfect solution to their presentation packaging needs. What makes us unique is we’re constantly innovating, refining finishes, closures and improving manufacturing methods. We’re not just being fussy. Your beautiful graphics deserve the best engineering we can provide.


You’ll Love Our Corrugated Packaging Solutions

Corrugated Box

Corrugated packaging from Corporate Image can take on many forms, so your project and brand stand out in the crowd. Choose from either a litho-wrapped sheet that can be applied to the box for a high-end look or print directly on kraft or bleached white corrugated stock for a more economical solution. Either way, your project will look the part and have hands reaching for what’s inside because the right package gets opened immediately.

Our custom packaging helps open doors. Whether you’re delivering printed materials, product samples or promotional gifts, we help you get noticed. It’s lightweight yet durable enough to give you the structural and design flexibility you  need. New branding and packaging can take your sales to the next level.

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