Eco-Friendly Binder Wins Best Binder in the World!


One of our client’s binder projects was awarded “World’s Best Binder by Eska Graphic Board of the Netherlands. The judges were impressed with the innovative design, the different decorating methods used and overall quality. Corporate Image was the first to pioneer this unique binder style, which has come to be known as a flush-cut binder.

To produce it, we start by applying a printed cover and liner to an oversized binders board. Next, we trimmed the board so the cover and liner are flush with the board edge. We use natural paper that can be offset printed using soy inks. The result is an interesting blend of board, paper and ink that reveals the core of the binders board.

In addition to the construction, what made this environmental binder stand out among the other entries was that this project called for debossing, foil-stamping and printing, which showcased the designer’s artwork. It also had a very eco-friendly look because he chose a natural colored, recycled paper that printed beautifully and didn’t need lamination.

This particular binder style is used by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife because of its eco-friendly qualities: it’s made from 100% post-consumer wasted binders board, printed on recycled paper with soy inks and is 100% recyclable.

Artesian Cancer Center

Flush-Cut Round Back Binder

1 ½ inch D Ring

80# Oatmeal Endleaf Paper

The Word is Out

We were really pleased to see Graphic Arts Magazine came across an article about our binder that was recently recognized by Eska, an international manufacturer of graphic board. Corporate Image was awarded first place in the office catagory for what we call a “Flush-Cut Binder”. It’s an environmentally correct binder made from 100% recycled board with a sheet of recycled paper adhered to it. Decorated with foil stamping, printing and debosing, it was truly a striking example of good design and what can be achieved using graphic board. Click on to read more about the World’s Best Binder….

The Best Binder in the World

Eska, an international company headquartered in the Netherlands has awarded Corporate Image first place for producing the “best binder in the world”. Eska, a manufacturer of earth-friendly, recycled graphic board will recognize Corporate Image with one of their annual Frog Awards. This 2 foot high sculpture made of bronze features a frog perched atop a lilly pad and is anchored by a beautiful quartz, stone base. The frog comes from their company logo and the fact that frogs are found in abundant supply in the canals along which their mills are located. You can learn more about Eska and this distinguished award by clicking here:

The “best binder in the world” was designed to be used as a “journal and planner” by patients at a cancer center in the states. In designing the binder, Jason Maddox of Maddox Creative, selected an uncoated paper for the cover. Eska was particularly impressed wtih the craftsmanship and beauty of the foil stamping that was the predominant graphic feature and the creativity of the overall art.

Our new Flush-Cut Binder


The flush cut binder from Corporate Image is a great innovation in green binder technology. We designed a binder that is constructed with our 100% post-consumer waste binder’s board that does not need any lamination on the cover. Instead, we adhere a sturdy recycled paper to the board that can be decorated with offset printing, debossing or using metallic or pigment colored foil stamping. Then the board and paper are trimmed so the cover and liner are flush with the board edge. We also round the corners for extra durability and to enhance the appearance. The result is an interesting blend of board, paper and ink that reveals the core of the binders board. It’s a great look and 100% recyclable. Our customers love the fact that the binder it unique, doesn’t have any coating or lamination and it communicates their commitment to the environment. 

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