Best Folder Projects 2016

Eye-catching folder projects for your inspiration

Picking your favorites is never easy when you have such a great selection of outstanding pocket folders to choose from. Our custom printed pocket folders are much more than “just a folder.” You’ll see and feel the quality in the precise pocket folder construction, beautiful print inside and out and durable lamination in your choice of finish. The design examples below were custom designed to make an unparalleled impression and are truly exceptional.



Scorr Marketing – Chiltern

Pocket folder with interior pages

About the project

9″ wide x 11-3/4″ high custom Pocket Folder with a flap tuck enclosure.

One 4-1/2″ high pocket.

Two sheets (11″ x 17″ folded) saddle stitched within folder.

4 color print. D&K Soft Touch Lamination on the outside.


Duncan Aviation

Pocket Folder with brochure slit

About the project

10″ wide x 12-1/2″ high Pocket Folder with 5/16″ spine.

5″ wide, vertical pocket left, glued top and bottom, with horizontal business card cut.

5″ high expandable pocket right with 4″ brochure slit and horizontal business card cut.

Gloss lamination.


Wilmington University

Portfolio Pocket Folder

About the project

9″ wide x 11-3/4″ high Portfolio Pocket Folder with a 1/4″ spine.

4″ wide front rounded portfolio flap with 1 Velcro® closure.

6″ high left and right flat curved horizontal pockets with optional off-center card cuts. Holds up to 40 sheets.

Spot Gloss UV.

D&K Soft Touch Lamination.

Schell Brothers

Pocket folder and expandable pocket folder

About the project

Set of 2 pocket folders:

a) 10-1/4″ wide x 12-1/2″ high pocket folder with 9/16″ spine. 5-1/4″ high x 1/4″ deep right and left expandable pocket with 1″ turn-in and optional card cuts. Holds up to 100 sheets. Spot Gloss UV, 2 color foil (gold and red), D&K Soft Touch Lamination

b) 9″ wide x 12″ high pocket folder, 4″ left and right flat pocket with horizontal slit business card cuts, Spot Gloss UV, 2 color foil (gold and red), D&K Soft Touch Lamination



Columbia University – Building bridges to Southeast Asia

Pocket Folder

About the project

9″ wide x 12″ high Pocket Folder.

7″ high left flat pocket.

5-1/4″ right boxed vertical pocket with 4 diagonal cuts.

Natural Matte lamination.


Discover other examples of beautiful designs in our special gallery!


Corporate Image: Employee owned, US manufacturer creating the best of custom 3-ring binders, pocket folders, tab dividers, boxes and packaging.

Organize your life with tab dividers

Making your life easier to navigate 

Whether you are using a box or a binder, index tab dividers make it easy to organize your information. Your 3-ring binder is a custom designed work of art that is eye-catching and fulfills your presentation needs. Take your branding to the next step with custom tab dividers to compliment your custom binder. Need to organize your sales boxes? Why not enhance the look and function of your custom-designed box from us with the tab dividers created to fit your needs?


Offset printed tab dividers

When you need the absolute best, this is it. For eye-catching graphics and vibrant color, there is nothing like offset printing for custom tab dividers. It’s always the best option when you’re trying to match a PMS color. Offset printed tab dividers have a full range of options from standard tab cuts to half moon or custom. They are available in standard banks of 2-8 as well as custom configurations, including pocket pages, cut sheets and box tabs. Design your tab dividers to be printed either single- or double-sided and create a unique look by adding one of our 3 lamination options, spot UV or varnishes.

Design example offset printed tabsDesign example offset printed tabs

Digitally printed tab dividers

For runs of 50 to 350 sets of custom tab dividers, Corporate Image has two digitally printed options available. Naturally we offer eco-friendly digital printing.

Standard Tab Dividers 

Don’t let the name “standard tab dividers” mislead you. The standard tab dividers still offer you some beautiful customizing options. Your tab dividers will be printed single-sided. They come with Mylar reinforced tab and ring strip for additional strength and longevity and arrive in collated sets. Depending on how much information you need to organize, you can decide how many tabs you need. Corporate Image offers banks of 4 to 8 tabs with this option.

Design example digital tab setDesign example digital tab set

Full Bleed Tab Dividers

This options allows more room for your creativity. Due to our print-to-edge capability,  you can design your tabs with full bleed and artwork for both the front and the back. On top of that you have 3 different lamination choices available.

 Design example digital tab set half moon


Request a Sample

Would you like to hold an example in hand? Or do you need a quote? Simply reach out to us and contact your Sales Rep to talk about how we can help you with your design projects.

request information and more - corporate image      Samples      contact Corporate Image

Don’t Forget to Add Tab Dividers to Your Custom Binder Project

Complete your Custom Printed Binder with a set of quality printed tabs from Corporate Image. We are your best resource when it comes to finding the right tab style to fit your project and budget. Custom tab dividers from Corporate Image are an integral part of your presentation package. Not only do they help you organize contents; by matching the printed design, they enhance your project.


Why Choose Corporate Image Custom Printed Binders?

Custom Printed Binders

Our 40,000 square-foot plant is dedicated solely to printing and manufacturing superior custom printed binders, tab dividers, folders and custom boxes. Other binder manufacturers outsource printing and other segments of production. By handling entire projects in our controlled environment – from start to finish – we are able to produce the outstanding work Corporate Image customers have come to expect.


Custom Printed Pocket Folders that Make a Difference

Glueless Pocket Folder Ships Flat

Versatile Printed Pocket Folders Will Impress Your Audience

From Media Kits to creative presentation systems, beautiful and durable Corporate Image printed Pocket Folders can be designed to meet virtually any need or budget. Choose one or two pockets, vertical or horizontal pockets, box pockets, expandable pockets, file tabs, portfolio closures and more. Folders are printed on 12-or 18-point stock, then film laminated with gloss, semi gloss or natural matte with your choice of smooth or linen finish for greater strength and protection.

Printed folders can be customized to your specifications or our package designer can help you create a new format. We offer a wide range of styles including the Glueless Pocket Folder pictured above. It is a great solution if you have limited storage space, because it will ship flat. And, it’s an environmentally friendly design that simply fits together with a tab and tuck closure, so no glues or equipment are used in the assembly process.

Ringless Binders are Great for Holding a Pad of Paper

a ringless binder is perfect for holding a pad of paper

Ringless Binders are Perfect for Holding a Pad of Paper

For your next conference, consider a ringless binder for taking notes. It easily and securely holds a notepad of paper in place, while branding your company at the same time. Printed binders, with our without a ring, are designed to make an impression and are the perfect balance of form versus function. Available with around back binder or asquare back binder these binders will stand out and make a great take away from the conference.

The portfolio binder style shown above offers a very professional look and protects the contents as well. It’s really the perfect presentation solution. What’s more it’s green to the core. All of our 3 ring binders at Corporate Image are made from 100% post-consumer waste binders board that is 100% recyclable. What’s more is they are truly sustainable. Our FlexHinge binders are made to last. In fact, they have been tested by the United States Testing Laboratories to see how many openings and closings of the binder would it take to break the hinge. After over 250,000 flexes, the hinge did not fail, which is about the equivalent of 10 years of use

Put Your Brand in Your Customer’s Hands with Custom Binders

Build Your Brand with Custom Printed Binders

Build your brand and what it stands for with Corporate Image‘s custom printed binders. Print should be part of your brand strategy, as it is a very effective way to get your presentation into your customer’s hands. Print is powerful because it’s tangible, it’s 3-dimensional and it endures. As more and more information migrates to the web, it becomes more important for your name and message to stand out from the digital clutter.

Our 3 ring binders will not only hold and organize your materials, but they communicate your company’s image and can make that important first impression more impactful. And, it’s long lasting as a binder can be a resource that is used over and over. Plus, they look great on a shelf or a desk.

We make it easy to order printed binders to help reinforce your company. As many of our customers turn their attention to environmental concerns, we have high-end solutions that will reflect your committment. Our eco-friendly binders are made from 100% post-consumer waste and are completely recyclble. We were the first true American alternative to the vinyl binder and continue to create new eco-innovations.

bertch cabinets, flexhinge binder, square back binderflush-cut binder, chilis, eco-friendly binder


Eco-Friendly Binder Wins Best Binder in the World!


One of our client’s binder projects was awarded “World’s Best Binder by Eska Graphic Board of the Netherlands. The judges were impressed with the innovative design, the different decorating methods used and overall quality. Corporate Image was the first to pioneer this unique binder style, which has come to be known as a flush-cut binder.

To produce it, we start by applying a printed cover and liner to an oversized binders board. Next, we trimmed the board so the cover and liner are flush with the board edge. We use natural paper that can be offset printed using soy inks. The result is an interesting blend of board, paper and ink that reveals the core of the binders board.

In addition to the construction, what made this environmental binder stand out among the other entries was that this project called for debossing, foil-stamping and printing, which showcased the designer’s artwork. It also had a very eco-friendly look because he chose a natural colored, recycled paper that printed beautifully and didn’t need lamination.

This particular binder style is used by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife because of its eco-friendly qualities: it’s made from 100% post-consumer wasted binders board, printed on recycled paper with soy inks and is 100% recyclable.

Artesian Cancer Center

Flush-Cut Round Back Binder

1 ½ inch D Ring

80# Oatmeal Endleaf Paper

Custom Printed Binders and Tabs Strengthen Your Brand

A custom printed binder can make all the difference whether your products get noticed in the marketplace

Precision Set Fine Jewelry Works wanted to showcase their stunning designs in a binder that reflected their elegance and beauty. They chose a full-color, round back style binder with an image of a ring that wrapped around  the spine to the back cover.

The artwork, highlighted by the beautiful printing on the cover of your 3 ring binder, draws ones attention to the gem stones on the ring which seem to sparkle. It truly invites a person to pick up the binder and when they do, they will be impressed by the design of the  tab dividers, each featuring a different piece of jewelry photographed in black and white. On the back of each tab is a succinct messaging in white type on a black background that reinforces the product and brand. The entire package is complete with an abstract color photo that spans the interior liner from edge to edge and perfectly complements the black and white tab dividers.

This is one of the most beautiful projects we’ve seen at Corporate Image and points to the added value that comes from collateral materials that work together. It’s a wonderful example of how design and artwork cab contribute to the overall success of a sales campaign.


Impress Your Audience with a Custom Printed Folder



Tension Envelope company wanted Corporate Image to create a custom printed folder that would hold their envlelope samples, make a positive imprssion and brand their company. Working with our internal package designer, we created a pair of folders for the project; one to hold the samples and another to present important product information. The sample folder was customized with a series of sturdy slots that held the envelopes firmly in place, as well as neatly organizing them.

Not only was the folder durable and functional, it was impressive from a design perspective. The artwork on the folder cover was visually very effective and the printed liner offered another opportunity to make an impact.

Sales Boxes are a Great Solution for Healthcare Marketers

A sales box is an effective and affordable solution for healthcare marketers when looking for a way to package important patient information. Whether it’s for a pharmaceutical company or a medical device manufacturer, sales boxes keep the contents organized and close at hand. Corporate Image has a wide variety of dies from which to choose or if you have a specific size or configuration in mind, we can customize your sales box.

The Best Sample Binders

When you want a sample binder or custom box to reflect your company image and products, you’ll want the best quality presentation possible. For 30 years, Corporate Image has been designing solutions to hold samples from carpet, tile and wood for flooring, to glass, sealants and other widely used materials in the building industry. Our binders and boxes can be configured in multiple ways to secure and display samples to make it easier for your audience to see and choose among your products. We have a package designer on staff to help you create the right solution for your project and if you want to see a mock-up, there is no extra charge – and it only takes 10 business days to produce your project after receiving proof approval. It’s all part of the package designed to make it easy to work with Corporate image and to help you be successful. We also keep the production process under one roof so it is more convenient to coordinate the project on your end.

If you want a product to reflect your company’s environmental perspective, we have a variety of recycled papers from which to choose and it can be certified by a leading organization for forest management.

The Best Binder in the World

Eska, an international company headquartered in the Netherlands has awarded Corporate Image first place for producing the “best binder in the world”. Eska, a manufacturer of earth-friendly, recycled graphic board will recognize Corporate Image with one of their annual Frog Awards. This 2 foot high sculpture made of bronze features a frog perched atop a lilly pad and is anchored by a beautiful quartz, stone base. The frog comes from their company logo and the fact that frogs are found in abundant supply in the canals along which their mills are located. You can learn more about Eska and this distinguished award by clicking here:

The “best binder in the world” was designed to be used as a “journal and planner” by patients at a cancer center in the states. In designing the binder, Jason Maddox of Maddox Creative, selected an uncoated paper for the cover. Eska was particularly impressed wtih the craftsmanship and beauty of the foil stamping that was the predominant graphic feature and the creativity of the overall art.

Corporate Image’s Amazing New Lamination

Our new Natural Matte lamination is so subtle you can hardly see it. Made from polyproplene, a non-reflective film that minimizes color shift, it creates a unique, sophisticated look with a smooth, silky feel. Your 3 ring binder, tab divider, folder or custom box project will not only be protected, it will be far more earth friendly than ordinary vinyl bindes that are toxic to both the air and land.

Corporate Image Helps the Architectural Industry

Architectural and Building Products can be paper-intensive industries and that’s not just drawing table plans.  From correspondence documents, photographs, consultant drawings and construction specifications, organization through the use of 3 ring binders, tab dividers, pocket folders and software packaging is a necessity.  Copy, sort and file everything in one place for easy information retrieval and long term storage.

Finger pulls are a great addition for retrieving information off the shelf.  Also, when archiving, organize your data with customized tab dividers.  When presenting to a client, use our easel binder and give them a customized pocket folder with all the important documents.  If you want to add digital information and additional documents that won’t fit in the custom folder, put your disc in one of our customized software packaging units that fit in any corresponding binder.  Corporate Image also offers a pocket folder with an added USB flash drive holder, customized to fit any size.  It’s a perfect place to hold your digital media and paper files all in one place.

Presentation Products for the Furniture Industry

The furniture business if a vast industry including nationally-recognized manufacturers, regional home furnishings retailers, national franchise organizations, and online home furnishings retailers with a diverse range of clients.  Clients want to know that they can count on the industry for quality and variety.  It is important to present the expertise that you bring to your client's business. 

When making presentations, show professionalism and quality with presentation materials by Corporate Image.  Your impression exhibits your confidence and knowledge while representing you and your firm or company.  We find that the furniture industry likes an easel binder, a three-part binder that easily displays information to others.  Corporate Image knows that living in the digital environment, more infmoration can be added to disc or USB drive.  To pass on the added information without using a tree to print the amount of materials, choose the eco-friendly presentation folder with a specialized space for a USB drive, and or any sized software disc, or accompany a custom folder or 3-ring binder with professional software packaging.  

In the office, keep an organized account of in depth analysis, data, trends, market share, and forecasts with Corporate Image custom binders and folders.  With a variety of sizes to choose from, also add a finger pull as a sleek customized design for ease of storage and access on the office shelf.  Tab dividers make a great custom addition that can organize each binder by personal divisions. 

Whether you're looking for something eco-friendly or just a beautiful custom design for you, your firm, or client, Corporate Image has you covered.  We have a reliable design department to support you with the ease of templates, mock-ups, and samples.

Choose Corporate Image for your Clients Custom Presentation Materials

As a financial planner, you are responsible for your client's personal financial issues through proper planning. Whether it is cash flow management, education planning, retirement planning, investment planning, risk management and insurance planning, tax planning, estate planning and more, each client needs a detailed strategy tailored to their specific situation and goals. Because financial planners manage many important documents, organization is absolutely necessary for both you and your client.

Using a customized financial planning 3-ring binder or pocket folder is a productive way to do financial plans and serve your clients better, while maximizing productivity and the associated productivity. We find that many financial planners choose a three-ring binder with a D-ring and custom-made tabs for multiple section plans. D-ring binders tend to keep pages flatter, and they close more easily than regular three-ring binders.

We ensure a professional image so that your client is presented with an excellent image of your success. Your custom printed materials make an impression about you and your firm and the validity of the binder contents. Corporate Image also offers a high quality option with a minimum of only 50 binders. A variety of custom options allow you to personalize your materials for you and your client.

The Insurance Industry is trusted to secure a client's material belongings, health, family, and life. In order to gain trust and ensure a professional impression, the industry chooses Corporate Image for customized presentation materials. Give your client important documents in a organized, custom printed binder or presentation folder. These presentation materials can be full-color printed with your name, company, and contact information. They also make excellant promotional materials for potential clients. With expandable pockets and a special place for your business card, present your next client with a high quality presentation folder detailing benefits and securities that you offer.

Hospitality and Restaurants choose Corporate Image for Custom Presentation Materials

Hospitality custom guest directory binder, Corporate Image, eco-friendly presentation materials,  custom binder, custom folderIn the hospitality and restaurant industry, the most important aspect is the relationship between the guest and host. From the reception and entertainment of guests and visitors, to resorts, membership clubs, conventions, attractions, special events, and traveling services- Corporate Image can help with all of your presentation needs. These industries strive to offer their customers nothing less than quality and variety.

Corporate Image quality custom binders and folders, will present a professional appearance with a variety of custom options for each individual project. Whether your company is looking for eco-friendly or an old world elegance, we have templates, mock-ups, and samples to help you design your package.

Corporate Image offers multiple custom options for restaurant menu binders, guest service directories, hotel room directory covers or in-room binders. We can also custom print entertainment guide covers, guest check presenters, concierge service binders, vacation and hotel promotional folders, and guest directories. Corporate Image can create different binder sizes with many ring options and custom printed and sized tab dividers for easy divisions between your custom directories.

Need a High Quality, Low Quantity, Eco-friendly, Customizable 3-ring binder? Check out the Quick Ship Binder by Corporate Image

You’re looking for a high quality binder but don’t need a high quantity.  You want a professional custom 3 ring binder.  It also needs to be an eco-friendly, custom 3-ring binder and shipped in 5 days.  Where can you find a green printer for this project?

Corporate Image has the perfect solution: The Quick Ship Binder.

Corporate Image- Eco-friendly custom 3-ring binder, 100 % recycled board, 100 % post consumer waste, FSC certified, Quick Ship Binder

To meet the demands of today's changing market – Corporate Image has designed a excellent new binder. With a vastly reduced carbon footprint, this high quality 3-ring binder can be customized, produced in small or large quantities, and shipped in 5 days.

Eco-friendly Binder

This 3 ring binder is eco-friendly, made from FSC certified 100% post-consumer waste binders board.  It also has a digital wrap printed on paper that follows the FSC certified chain-of-custody standards. 

Customizable Binder

Make an impression by customizing this three ring binder with a full color digitally printed wrap on textured endleaf paper.  You can also choose to leave your binder bare.  This ring binder is also available with 3/4”, 1”, or 1-1/2” chrome D-ring.  Organize your binder with additional 3-hole digitally printed tabs that will ship just as fast, also in 5 business days. 

Quick Facts

    * Available in quantities of 50 – 2,000.
    * Ships in 5 days.
    * 100% recycled board.
    * Full color digitally printed wrap.
    * Leave your binder bare or wrap it with black textured endleaf paper.
    * Available with 3/4", 1" or 1-1/2" chrome D-ring.
    * Matte lamination is inert and recyclable.
    * Digital tabs ship in 5 business days.
    * Digitally printed tabs are 3-hole drilled, collated and mylar reinforced.

Custom Eco-Friendly Pocket Folders by Corporate Image

The Problem:

You have an important presentation coming up with an abundance of presentation materials to propose.

  • You need a professional way to make an impression and keep all the official documents in one place. 
  • You need a custom printed folder to present to your client as a promotional tool and to deliver the information in an organized manor.
  • You want to be as green as possible by cutting down on the amount of printed paper.
  • You’re looking for a green printer that can create a custom marketing package for your proposal with excellent complete color printing.

The Solution:

As a green printer, Corporate Image has the perfect solution with the most eco-friendly pocket folder specially crafted to hold any USB Drive.  Now all of your information can stay in one place. 

Because no two jump drives are alike we suggest sending the memory stick to Corporate Image where our expert designer will create a custom fit for the drive.

Save paper and space by storing only the necessary printed material in this high quality pocket folder and put the rest on a flash drive that fits perfectly into the USB Drive space.

Make a big impression with our many additional customizing options including an additional space for business cards.  Stay organized with added expandable pockets or choose the USB option for a custom 3 ring binder.

With Corporate Image’s expertise and proficiency in the green printing field expect only the best complete color printing on your custom eco-friendly pocket folder.



Corporate Image: Eco-friendly Custom Box on Smart Paper’s Genesis Paper

Corporate Image has searched out companies making sustainable papers to use in our custom eco-friendly products.  Smart Papers is another sustainable company that, as a green printer, Corporate Image likes to partner!  Located in Hamilton, Ohio- about 10 hours away from the Corporate Image location in the heart of the midwest, this company has been in business for over 110 years.   We choose to partner with them because, like us, they are dedicated to creating sustainable products using sustainable practices.

Smart Papers has made large strides toward greening their company and products.  They  strive to lessen landfill dependency by being one of the largest users of coated paper waste.  Over 20 years ago they produced the first 100% Recycled Premium Text and Cover paper brand.  They also use recycled fiber throughout the entire product line of fine papers and continually strive for green growth.  The company is growing greener all the time with Smart Paper’s 20 Year Green Performance, mapping the company standards on fiber, pulp, chemicals, solid waste and more, and their two current green goals for energy and water reduction.

The Sustainable Paper we choose: Smart Paper’s Genesis Paper
Corporate Image especially likes Genesis Paper, one of the many eco-friendly paper options that Smart Papers produces.  It’s a responsible sheet, offered in a versatile pallet of colors with smooth and vellum finishes that ensure great ink holdout and consistent on-press performance.  Available in 17 colors, 9 weights, and 4 finishes, it is a laser-guarenteed companion.   View the Genesis Paper Specification Sheet for more information.

Points of Sustainability:
100% post-consumer fibers
Entire grade FSC Certified
Acid-free and archival for protection

Eco-friendly Custom Box:
Recently, New York State Energy Research & Development Authority, NYSERDA, approached Corporate Image to help create a beautiful box that met the State of New York’s eco standards, requiring state agencies to purchase 100 percent recycled paper.  Smart Paper’s Genesis Line was the way to go because the size of the box required a heavier weight stock paper. NYSERDA chose to use Genesis 160#  Double-thick Cover that is 100% post consumer waste recycled.   With all of Smart Paper’s eco-friendly options, clients are sure to find a paper that suites any project.

Links for more Smart Paper green company resources:

Environmental Leadership

Corporate Image: Eco-friendly Custom Folder on Neenah Paper’s Conservation Paper

As a green printer Corporate Image partners with companies making sustainable products.  Neenah Paper, located in Neenah, Wisconsin, has been in the business since 1873 and can be found all over the world.  In keeping with our sustainable practices, Corporate Image chooses Neenah Paper because they are dedicated to reducing the solid waste disposal burden and lessening landfill dependency by creating and using recycled paper.

Being neighbors means the paper doesn’t have to ship across the world before it can be used for your project.  This benefits you because it makes the turnaround shorter and shipping cheaper.  It also cuts down on the carbon footprint in travel, making it an even more eco-friendly paper choice.

To demonstrate that “Neenah is Greenah” as they like to say it, the company offers FSC Certified, Green Seal, Green-e, Carbon Neutral Plus and more certifications on different products.  For example “Green-e is the nation’s leading independent certification and verification program for renewable energy products. By using Green-e Certified renewable energy, Neenah Paper is replacing fossil fuels with energy generated from sources such as hydro, wind and solar power.”  You can find this and more on Neenah’s Green Logos page.

The Sustainable Paper we choose:  Neenah Paper’s Conservation Paper
When choosing paper, Corporate Image, looks to Neenah Paper’s Conservation Papers for an environmentally responsible and economically priced sheet.  Neenah’s Conservation Papers have many benefits- smooth finish, 92 brightness, and available in 5 different weights in the most common sheet sizes.  Not only is the paper manufacture process chlorine free but the paper is made of 100% post consumer fiber and FSC certified as well as fully recyclable.  You want to instantly calculate the environmental savings achieved by using paper made with post consumer fiber as well as the savings from using paper made with 100 percent renewable energy?  Click Neenah’s Environmental Calculator.

Points of Sustainability:
Shipping:  394 miles: short travel distance = low carbon footprint
Content:  100% Post Consumer Fiber, PCF Certified, FSC Certified
End of Life: 100% Recyclable
No lamination needed

Eco-friendly Custom Folder:
Corporate Image recently did  a an eco-friendly folder on Conservation Paper with Student Assistance Foundation.  These folders, and other projects like it, don’t need to be laminated.   They show color well and are 100% recyclable.  View Corporate Image’s Product Feature Video for the ultimate eco-friendly folder for Student Assistance Foundation crafted with Neenah Conservation Paper.

Check out these Neenah links for more green company resources:

Neenah is Greenah category on the Neenah Blog: Against the Grain
Neenah Green: A Brighter Shade of Green
Neenah Green Logos


Soy Inks- Benefiting YOU and the ENVIRONMENT.

This is the first installation in a three-part series on Soy Inks.

As a green printer, Corporate Image uses soy inks derived from renewable resources, soybeans, to cut back on traditional petroleum-based ink.  Soy-based ink is more eco-friendly, benefiting both you and the environment! Besides cutting down on the United State’s petroleum dependency, soy inks are easier to recycle, have lower levels of VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds), and produce brighter colors with less ink and less energy.

The History of Soy Inks

Because of the rising prices of Petroleum in the 1970’s, The Newspaper Association of America started looking for more cost effective, sustainable ways to produce ink.  Iowa, located in the heart of the midwest and on the forefront of many green initiatives, ran a successful practical printing run with soy ink at The Gazette in 1987. Today, 95% of America’s daily newspapers now print with soy.

Unfortunately, 75% of commercial printers have NOT switched to soy ink. Also located in the Heartland, Corporate Image, in Des Moines, Iowa, is among the leaders choosing to benefit the environment and you by using soy inks in the printing of 3-ring binders, folders, and other marketing materials.

A few years later, in 1994, the government voted on the Vegetable Ink Printing Act, mandating that printers with government contracts give preference to vegetable oil-based inks over volatile petroleum-based inks.  This was an effort to reduce emissions from volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and hazardous air pollutants (HAPs) as mandated under the 1990 Amendments to the Clean Air Act signed by President George H. W. Bush. The original Clean Air Act was signed in 1970 by President Richard M. Nixon, the year of the first celebration of Earth Day.


For the entire article and others like it click Learn more about Corporate Image's Soy Inks- Benefiting YOU and the ENVIRONMENT.

Tab Dividers that are Good for the Environment

Digital printing is an eco-friendly method of producing four-color process tabs. They are best for projects that don’t require full-bleed printing or a PMS match. Printed on sturdy, 110 lb, FSC certified index stock, these tabs have Mylar reinforcing on the tab and binding edge for added strength. Digital printing is the reproduction of digital images on paper using toner rather than liquid inks. Generally intended for “short-run” projects under 1,500 tab sets, it is an economical solution. There is no paper waste and fewer chemicals compared to offset printing. Tab sets can be ready to ship in only five days, so they’re a great option when you need them fast.

Presentation in a Box

Sales Boxes are designed to help you market your products and services by holding everything from brochures, loose sheets, tab dividers or nearly anything else you can imagine. People refer to them as Presentation Boxes, Sales Boxes, Welcome Kits, Tool Kits and Sales Totes. But whatever the name, they will keep your materials neatly organized and keep on selling your message. They’re the perfect solution to a wide range of presentation packaging needs. For example, colleges and universities use them for admission information; medical companies use them for patient or product information and manufacturing companies present samples in them. The possibilities are limitless.

Our boxes are printed directly onto 18-or 24-point card stock and can be finished in your choice of gloss, semi-gloss or natural matte lamination. We offer several flap styles and a variety of sizes. They can be customized to give the look of a tote or a briefcase by adding a plastic handle and a secure locking mechanism.

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