Beautiful and sustainable marketing materials

If you’re interested in a green alternative, look no further than our attractive and sustainable product range. Our binders are made from superior quality materials and are recyclable when their useful lives are over. Here are some great design examples for our bare board & flush cut binders as well as our glueless pocket folders!


Bare board binders.

Make a powerful impact on your audience with this simple and textural custom binder. The eco-friendly look of bare board reflects your environmental commitment.

Flush cut binders.

Want your custom binder to have the natural look and feel of uncoated paper? Give your binder a unique look with the edges of the binders board exposed. Your binder will stand apart from the crowd.




Glueless pocket folders.

We designed our glueless pocket folders to be easy to assemble and use. Just pop the tab into the slot and lock and you’re done! They ship flat saving valuable storage space, use no glue and take less energy to manufacture. An eco-friendly option in the making.


Let us know how we can help you with your next design project!

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Short Run Custom 3 Ring Binders

Now when you need custom 3-ring binders for a conference, meeting or proposal, you can get all of the quality with beautiful printed images.

Corporate Image has produced 3 ring binders that have won both ‘Best Binder in the World’ and ‘Best Binder in North America’. Our production team are craftspeople, producing strong, sustainable binders with better quality printing that match to detail and craftsmanship that you put into every aspect of your company.

short run custom printed binders

Low quantity custom binders are no problem.

Our short run binders are digitally printed with a high quality printer giving you full bleed images that cover the entire binder. The printed sheets are then laminated with a natural matte laminate that protects them from scuffing and water damage.

Fully cased and lined like a hardcover book, these binders look great, are stronger than any other binder.

How does this compare to a vinyl binder?

It doesn’t. Corporate Image makes recyclable binders that are non-toxic. Our printing is better, the binders last longer, don’t poison the environment or go to landfills, and they look much, much better.

When considering your brand or corporate image, consider whether a vinyl binder sums up what you are trying to say. If not, let us send you a sample to show you how much better your materials can look and feel.

Custom Digital Binder stats and information:

  • Available in quantities from 50-350
  • Full color digital printing on cover (the whole outside of the binder)
  • Black or white liner ( the inside of the binder)
  • Ring sizes: 3/4″, 1″, 1.5″ and 2″ d-rings
  • Square or Round spine
  • Natural matte lamination
  • These binders are 100% recyclable
  • strong construction
  • Made with 100% FSC certified recycled post consumer waste board

The Corporate Image digital binder combines all of quality we are known for with the lower quantities you sometimes need. Get samples to experience the quality of our short run binders for yourself!


Recycled Paper – A new resource for rethinking and looking at recycling

Corporate Image has been using 100% post consumer waste board for our binders for over 30 years.  We have huge resources of recycled papers to match the look feel and print quality you need and nearly everything we run is FSC certified. On top of this, everything we make – from our 3 ring binders, pocket folders to sales boxes – is recyclable.

We believe in recycling as a way to protect our natural resources and prevent waste. But, when is it best to use recycled papers and when is it a greater impact?  Sappi paper has a new resource for you.

recycle your thinking

Sappi paper has a great new resource called rethinking recycling.

Here is a first look on why it is important to recycle paper:

of sustainability and recycling is an integral element
of any solid waste management plan. It’s one of the three
Rs we’re all familiar with: reduce — reuse — recycle, practiced
in that order. The environmental benefits of recycling vary
greatly between programs. For materials like e-waste,
it is critical to minimize exposure to hazardous materials.
For household products like aluminum or glass beverage
containers, there are enormous energy savings for using
recycled materials over processing raw materials. The
number one reason to recycle paper is to avoid the generation
of greenhouse gases in landfills.
Organic materials — including food waste, grass clippings
and leaves — decompose much faster than other materials
in landfills. In the absence of oxygen, one of the by-products
of biodegradation is methane. Methane — also known as
natural gas — has a global warming potential that is 25 times
higher than carbon dioxide. This is why many municipalities
require that grass clippings and leaves be separated from other
waste streams. By managing these streams separately they
can develop composting systems — which break down materials
in the presence of air — to avoid methane generation.
The same is true for the fiber in paper products. By keeping
these materials out of landfills, the fiber can be put to use
and avoid methane formation.

There are many facets to recycling, from the process itself to the benefits and concerns. Sappi has worked to bring a resource that addresses many of these issues.

More Sappi info on recycled paper here.

Why our Custom Binders are the Greenest and Most Sustainable on the Planet

Eco-conscious solutions to Help Grow Your Business

The values you bring to your business are what your customers respond to. Hard work, great service, eco friendly and superior quality translate to repeat business and happy customers.  Corporate Image is here to make sure your values are inherent in the presentation materials you offer to your customers. Not only is our customer service amazing but our quality and range of options to give you the options for a range of eco friendly products.

Lets look at our 3-ring binders.

Our Corporate Image custom printed binders are made from high quality book binders board, produced from 100% post consumer waste. A remarkably clean board, our binders board is light gray with small flecks of color in it.

The hinges on our binders will never fail because they are pressed into the board with a unique computer controlled machine. These hinges were tested by an independent lab, US Testing, and after more than 250,000 flexes, the hinge showed little wear.

We offer bare board binders, flush cut binders, custom printed binders – all 100% recyclable.

Our heritage is book binding and we use that knowledge and craftsmanship in every custom binder, folder and box. You can count on it.

Custom Printed Pocket Folders that Make a Difference

Glueless Pocket Folder Ships Flat

Versatile Printed Pocket Folders Will Impress Your Audience

From Media Kits to creative presentation systems, beautiful and durable Corporate Image printed Pocket Folders can be designed to meet virtually any need or budget. Choose one or two pockets, vertical or horizontal pockets, box pockets, expandable pockets, file tabs, portfolio closures and more. Folders are printed on 12-or 18-point stock, then film laminated with gloss, semi gloss or natural matte with your choice of smooth or linen finish for greater strength and protection.

Printed folders can be customized to your specifications or our package designer can help you create a new format. We offer a wide range of styles including the Glueless Pocket Folder pictured above. It is a great solution if you have limited storage space, because it will ship flat. And, it’s an environmentally friendly design that simply fits together with a tab and tuck closure, so no glues or equipment are used in the assembly process.

Eco-Friendly Binder Wins Best Binder in the World!


One of our client’s binder projects was awarded “World’s Best Binder by Eska Graphic Board of the Netherlands. The judges were impressed with the innovative design, the different decorating methods used and overall quality. Corporate Image was the first to pioneer this unique binder style, which has come to be known as a flush-cut binder.

To produce it, we start by applying a printed cover and liner to an oversized binders board. Next, we trimmed the board so the cover and liner are flush with the board edge. We use natural paper that can be offset printed using soy inks. The result is an interesting blend of board, paper and ink that reveals the core of the binders board.

In addition to the construction, what made this environmental binder stand out among the other entries was that this project called for debossing, foil-stamping and printing, which showcased the designer’s artwork. It also had a very eco-friendly look because he chose a natural colored, recycled paper that printed beautifully and didn’t need lamination.

This particular binder style is used by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife because of its eco-friendly qualities: it’s made from 100% post-consumer wasted binders board, printed on recycled paper with soy inks and is 100% recyclable.

Artesian Cancer Center

Flush-Cut Round Back Binder

1 ½ inch D Ring

80# Oatmeal Endleaf Paper

Best Binder in North America

Corporate Image is pleased to be recognized two years in a row for outstanding craftsmanship and product design in a worldwide competition. It's our good fortune to be able to work with talented creatives from across the country to make their designs a reality. 

The 2011 and 2012 award-winning binder style was originally developed by the Corporate Image design team in 2008 to be 100 percent recyclable. Free from toxic plastics, the binder is made from 100 percent post-consumer waste binder board and printed with soy-based inks. The ring mechanism is nickel-plated metal, which can easily be removed for recycling.

This binder design has been used by numerous clients since 2008 and has been well received.  In fact, the U.S. Department of the Interior (DOI) held a nationwide competition to find the greenest, most appropriate binder for their use. The contest outlined 25 criteria that needed to be met and this binder met them all! Today Corporate Image produces this binder for the department of U.S. Fish and Wildlife.

How is it made? First, we apply a printed cover and liner to an oversized binders board. Then we trim the board so the cover and liner are flush with the board edge. We use natural paper with 10, 30 or 100% recycled content that can be offset printed using soy inks. The result is an interesting blend of board, paper and ink that reveals the core of the binder’s board. Laminate it or not — it’s a great look and 100% recyclable.


Planning a Conference? Go Green with Corporate Image Binders

More conference planners are going green to cut down the amount of waste that is generated from these events. One example is the transition from conventional vinyl binders, which are typically used to hold conference materials, to a 100% recycled binder. Just this step alone will dramatically reduce what goes in the landfills, as well as eliminate harmful toxins that are a by-product of producing PVC binders. When planning a conference, consider a Corporate Image binder made from recycled graphic board that can be recycled again. Another great advantage is the versatility that comes with an earth friendly alternative to vinyl. You have the complete design flexibility to create attractive and impactful binders that will get attention in the marketplace and make a lasting impression on your audience.

Need a High Quality, Low Quantity, Eco-friendly, Customizable 3-ring binder? Check out the Quick Ship Binder by Corporate Image

You’re looking for a high quality binder but don’t need a high quantity.  You want a professional custom 3 ring binder.  It also needs to be an eco-friendly, custom 3-ring binder and shipped in 5 days.  Where can you find a green printer for this project?

Corporate Image has the perfect solution: The Quick Ship Binder.

Corporate Image- Eco-friendly custom 3-ring binder, 100 % recycled board, 100 % post consumer waste, FSC certified, Quick Ship Binder

To meet the demands of today's changing market – Corporate Image has designed a excellent new binder. With a vastly reduced carbon footprint, this high quality 3-ring binder can be customized, produced in small or large quantities, and shipped in 5 days.

Eco-friendly Binder

This 3 ring binder is eco-friendly, made from FSC certified 100% post-consumer waste binders board.  It also has a digital wrap printed on paper that follows the FSC certified chain-of-custody standards. 

Customizable Binder

Make an impression by customizing this three ring binder with a full color digitally printed wrap on textured endleaf paper.  You can also choose to leave your binder bare.  This ring binder is also available with 3/4”, 1”, or 1-1/2” chrome D-ring.  Organize your binder with additional 3-hole digitally printed tabs that will ship just as fast, also in 5 business days. 

Quick Facts

    * Available in quantities of 50 – 2,000.
    * Ships in 5 days.
    * 100% recycled board.
    * Full color digitally printed wrap.
    * Leave your binder bare or wrap it with black textured endleaf paper.
    * Available with 3/4", 1" or 1-1/2" chrome D-ring.
    * Matte lamination is inert and recyclable.
    * Digital tabs ship in 5 business days.
    * Digitally printed tabs are 3-hole drilled, collated and mylar reinforced.

Project Feature – The ultimate green pocket folder made with Neenah’s Conservation paper

We’re pleased to present our very first Product Feature Video showcasing a beautiful – and functional – pocket folder we recently produced for Student Assistance Foundation. In the video you’ll meet Lori Owens, one of our dedicated sales representatives, and find out how Neenah’s Conservation paper was a perfect fit for this client’s environmental and end use goals.

No trees were harmed in the making of this folder! Neenah’s Conservation paper is made of 100% post consumer fiber, completely recyclable and backed by certification from a leading responsible forestry organization. Even better – we printed with soy inks and followed customary responsible manufacturing processes that help minimize waste. Nothing from this folder hit the landfill – everything was recycled or used.

>Request a sample folder!

Corporate Image: Explaining the terms of Green Printing

You are looking for a green printer that produces eco-friendly custom binders, folders, or other marketing materials but there are many “sustainable” terms floating around.  What do they really mean?  Post consumer waste vs recycled content… as a green printer, Corporate Image can help.  Look here for a list of eco-friendly vocabulary to know and view the Eco-table that helps you to choose the best environmental options for your eco-friendly products.

Post Consumer Waste, PCW

Post consumer waste comes from products that have been made and used, then recycled.  This is the last part of the material usage and can also be called “closing the loop”.  As a green printer Corporate Image has done projects such as the eco-friendly custom box for the New York State Energy Research & Development Authority on Smart Paper’s Genesis Paper which was made with 100% PCW.

Recycled Content

Recycled content products are made from materials that would otherwise have been discarded.  These products can be made from anything you recycle like soda cans and newspapers.  There are more than 4,500 recycled-content products available, and this number continues to grow.

End of Life and Recyclability

Recyclable products can be collected and remanufactured into new products after they’ve been used. These products may or may not contain recycled content in the initial manufacturing and only benefit the environment if people recycle them after use.  An example is Corporate Image’s eco-friendly custom folder crafted with Neenah Conservation Paper, which does contain 100% PCW, for the Student Assistance Foundation.  This folder is 100% Recyclable. 


FSC Certified– Certifies sustainable forest management through a set of principles, criteria, and standards.
Green-E Certification– Verifies certified renewable energy and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions

Processed Chlorine Free, PCF

Recycled content paper can be processed chlorine free but must meet all the required guidelines set by the EPA for recycled or post-consumer content.  PCF papers have not been rebleached with chlorine containing compounds, and a minimum of 30% post consumer content is required.  As an option, Corporate Image offers Neenah Conservation Paper for your custom binders, folders and other materials which can all be PCF certified.

Shipping and Product Travel

As mentioned on the Corporate Image: Sustainable Products for your Sustainable Projects blogs, shipping and product travel  are important considerations when choosing the product for your project.  Located in the midwest, Corporate Image both manufactures and ships from a central location.  We also choose paper mills that are close by, for example, our neighbor, Neenah Paper, located in Wisconsin.  Not only does this greatly cut down on the carbon footprint and oil dependency by choosing a product with less travel distance, but it also benefits you because it makes the turnaround shorter and shipping cheaper. 

In order to see the environmental options for your eco-projects view the Eco-table for more information on products used in custom binders, folders, sales boxes, tabs, and software packaging.  Here you will find a visual with different material options for each green printer project.

More Information

Chlorine Free Products Association

Earth 911

Environmental Protection Agency

Treecycle: Recycled Paper

Corporate Image: Eco-friendly Custom Box on Smart Paper’s Genesis Paper

Corporate Image has searched out companies making sustainable papers to use in our custom eco-friendly products.  Smart Papers is another sustainable company that, as a green printer, Corporate Image likes to partner!  Located in Hamilton, Ohio- about 10 hours away from the Corporate Image location in the heart of the midwest, this company has been in business for over 110 years.   We choose to partner with them because, like us, they are dedicated to creating sustainable products using sustainable practices.

Smart Papers has made large strides toward greening their company and products.  They  strive to lessen landfill dependency by being one of the largest users of coated paper waste.  Over 20 years ago they produced the first 100% Recycled Premium Text and Cover paper brand.  They also use recycled fiber throughout the entire product line of fine papers and continually strive for green growth.  The company is growing greener all the time with Smart Paper’s 20 Year Green Performance, mapping the company standards on fiber, pulp, chemicals, solid waste and more, and their two current green goals for energy and water reduction.

The Sustainable Paper we choose: Smart Paper’s Genesis Paper
Corporate Image especially likes Genesis Paper, one of the many eco-friendly paper options that Smart Papers produces.  It’s a responsible sheet, offered in a versatile pallet of colors with smooth and vellum finishes that ensure great ink holdout and consistent on-press performance.  Available in 17 colors, 9 weights, and 4 finishes, it is a laser-guarenteed companion.   View the Genesis Paper Specification Sheet for more information.

Points of Sustainability:
100% post-consumer fibers
Entire grade FSC Certified
Acid-free and archival for protection

Eco-friendly Custom Box:
Recently, New York State Energy Research & Development Authority, NYSERDA, approached Corporate Image to help create a beautiful box that met the State of New York’s eco standards, requiring state agencies to purchase 100 percent recycled paper.  Smart Paper’s Genesis Line was the way to go because the size of the box required a heavier weight stock paper. NYSERDA chose to use Genesis 160#  Double-thick Cover that is 100% post consumer waste recycled.   With all of Smart Paper’s eco-friendly options, clients are sure to find a paper that suites any project.

Links for more Smart Paper green company resources:

Environmental Leadership

Corporate Image: Eco-friendly Custom Folder on Neenah Paper’s Conservation Paper

As a green printer Corporate Image partners with companies making sustainable products.  Neenah Paper, located in Neenah, Wisconsin, has been in the business since 1873 and can be found all over the world.  In keeping with our sustainable practices, Corporate Image chooses Neenah Paper because they are dedicated to reducing the solid waste disposal burden and lessening landfill dependency by creating and using recycled paper.

Being neighbors means the paper doesn’t have to ship across the world before it can be used for your project.  This benefits you because it makes the turnaround shorter and shipping cheaper.  It also cuts down on the carbon footprint in travel, making it an even more eco-friendly paper choice.

To demonstrate that “Neenah is Greenah” as they like to say it, the company offers FSC Certified, Green Seal, Green-e, Carbon Neutral Plus and more certifications on different products.  For example “Green-e is the nation’s leading independent certification and verification program for renewable energy products. By using Green-e Certified renewable energy, Neenah Paper is replacing fossil fuels with energy generated from sources such as hydro, wind and solar power.”  You can find this and more on Neenah’s Green Logos page.

The Sustainable Paper we choose:  Neenah Paper’s Conservation Paper
When choosing paper, Corporate Image, looks to Neenah Paper’s Conservation Papers for an environmentally responsible and economically priced sheet.  Neenah’s Conservation Papers have many benefits- smooth finish, 92 brightness, and available in 5 different weights in the most common sheet sizes.  Not only is the paper manufacture process chlorine free but the paper is made of 100% post consumer fiber and FSC certified as well as fully recyclable.  You want to instantly calculate the environmental savings achieved by using paper made with post consumer fiber as well as the savings from using paper made with 100 percent renewable energy?  Click Neenah’s Environmental Calculator.

Points of Sustainability:
Shipping:  394 miles: short travel distance = low carbon footprint
Content:  100% Post Consumer Fiber, PCF Certified, FSC Certified
End of Life: 100% Recyclable
No lamination needed

Eco-friendly Custom Folder:
Corporate Image recently did  a an eco-friendly folder on Conservation Paper with Student Assistance Foundation.  These folders, and other projects like it, don’t need to be laminated.   They show color well and are 100% recyclable.  View Corporate Image’s Product Feature Video for the ultimate eco-friendly folder for Student Assistance Foundation crafted with Neenah Conservation Paper.

Check out these Neenah links for more green company resources:

Neenah is Greenah category on the Neenah Blog: Against the Grain
Neenah Green: A Brighter Shade of Green
Neenah Green Logos


5 Reasons not to use PVC and Vinyl!

There are many reasons Corporate Images chooses NOT to use Vinyl or PVC in the manufacturing of sustainable presentation materials.  We pride ourselves in creating eco-friendly binders, 2 pocket folders, and other green marketing tools for all of your needs–good for both you and the environment! 

1- Production of PVC creates dangerous chemicals

PVC additives contribute to serious health risks including asthma, lead poisoning and increased cancer risk as well as neurological damage, birth defects, reproductive and immune system damage.  According to The Center for Health and Environmental Justice, these chemicals are especially toxic to children who are much more susceptible to this poisonous material.  For these reasons Corporate Image is dedicated to being 100% green at our core in order to produce safer, eco-friendly marketing materials.

2- Vinyl is hard to Recycle

Vinyl is not accepted at most recycling programs because it has the potential to contaminate other plastics such as PET. One piece of scrap PVC can render 50,000 bottles of PET unrecyclable.  On the other hand, as a green printer, Corporate Image binders are 100% recyclable and are produced with FSC certified 100% recycled board.


3- When vinyl burns, it produces Dioxins

According to the United States Fire Administration, each year in the United States an average of 8,400 dump and landfill fires are reported to the fire service.  The largest sources of Dioxins to the atmosphere are landfill fires where PVC burns.

4- There are very good alternatives to PVC

Corporate Image makes durable and eco-friendly three-ring binders with a range of environmental considerations. For example, the flush-cut binders are rated the most environmentally friendly binder option at Corporate Image because they are 100% recyclable and could be made from virtually 100% post consumer fiber.  View 9 Ways to Customize a Three Ring Binder for a complete list of environmental information on custom options.

5- If you don’t use PVC plastics, you will find yourself in Good Company!

A lot of companies are making strides to become responsible environmental leaders.

Microsoft, Hewlett Packard, Shaw, Firestone, Nike, Mattel, Lego, Johnson & Johnson, General Motors, and Volkswagen are among a few!  The city of San Francisco and the State of New York have also banned PVC pipe.  Corporate Image has chosen to create a more responsible, eco-friendly binder without the use of vinyl.


For the entire article and others like it click Five Reasons Not to use Polyvinyl Chloride -PVC or Vinyl- in anything! (Certianly not a Three-Ring Binder)


Add Eye Appeal and Durability


Using film lamination is a way to enhance and protect your 3-ring binder or folder project. When Corporate Image was founded almost 30 years ago, the goal was to introduce an alternative to vinyl binders. Europe at the time was phasing out  vinyl because it could not be safely disposed of in the land fills due to its toxic properties. Printed binders took the place of vinyl and soon designers realized the graphic opportunities that print provided. Corporate Image followed suit with the introduction of our FlexHinge binder and looked for a product that would protect the binder and enhance the graphics. It also could not be harmful to the environment either in the production or disposal processes.

Our lamination is made of either a thin sheet of polypropylene, polyester or nylon and all can be safely recycled. When applied to paper, the paper can be repulped and the plastic film will be separated and recycled with other plastics. We offer gloss, semigloss and natural matte lamination films that are available with a smooth or linen finish. Our polypropylene film, natural matte, has become the most popular because it is non-reflective and has a smooth, silky feel. It provides a protective coating that allows you to reuse the product, thus extending its life so your project can make a lasting impression.

A Better Binders’ Board

When we were searching for a tag line for our new bare board binders, we came up with the idea of highlighting the binders board – the heart of the binder or “the core” as it was to become known. The binders’ board we use for all of our binders is unique and makes for a good story because it is constructed of 100% post-consumer waste, but it’s not ordinary waste, and hence not ordinary board.

We refer to our board as binders board, but it’s commonly called solid board in the industry and has a number of qualities which make it unique. First, it is not made from your average street waste, but clean waste that is collected from health clubs around Holland, so it’s a mixture of magazines, newspapers and other like paper. This recycled paper complies with the FSC standard when the composition of the ultimate solid board demonstrably comprises at least 85% FSC paper and/or recycled paper. Because it is FSC certified, customers know that the board complies with responsible forest management. The production process employs very clean and safe manufacturing conditions.

This particular board is selected for our 3-ring binders because it is strong and it retains its strength, shape and volume even in humid and damp conditions. It can also be easily customized in many different designs and dimensions and special printing and embossing techniques can be used to make a product that stands out. We landed on using “green at the core” for our tagline to describe the environmental benefit that comes from our bare board binders and because there is no lamination, it is green from the outside cover to the core.



Do More With Less…The New Glueless Folder


















Less expensive to ship

Take less space to store

Use less energy to make

Less harm to the environment

Our new glueless folder made from 100% recycled paper can do more for you while using less of those things that impact the environment. We have reduced the energy required to make the folders because they’re glueless and there is no coating on the paper. And to make them even more green we use soy based inks and send them flat to save valuable storage space and shipping costs.

The glueless pocket folder is a versatile folder that you just fold, tuck and lock to create a pocket with a capacity up to ¼ inch. It is great solution for media kits, annual reports or to use as your everyday pocket folder. We have 8 different styles to choose from that are attractively priced to save you more money. You will be surprised that 100% recycled folders are such a great value!

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