Marketing and Sales Kits for the Contract Industry

From architectural proposals to building supplies, get presentation materials as amazing as your products.

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Because good is not good enough.

We believe in aiming high. We deliver excellence from service to finished product. Sustainable papers and board, stronger hinges, innovative designs, and a wide range of finishes combine to help your presentation rise to the top.

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Whether you are showing flooring, tile, glass, carpet, wall covering, windows or the information for your vision, these cased and lined boards are idea for you. Customize with cloth, print, foil, Spot UV and Varnish and custom window cuts to get the exact look and feel you want, while protecting and showcasing your product.

Our binders and sample books were lab tested to 250,000 flexes, meaning you could use the binder 20 times a day for over 30 years. If your binder is your product catalog, this insures it looks and works well long after your competition has fallen apart.

Made of sturdy 100% post consumer waste binders board, cased and lined with printed sheets or cloth, our binders and sample books start as a blank canvas for your project. We flex a hinge directly into the board, creating not only a strong hinge, but a unique opportunity for different options such as round spines.

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Easily show heavy samples for flooring, siding or tiles. This offers a clean design that is easy to work with at home, or at the office of an interior decorator.

Have a lot of samples? Showcase them in an attractive box

A custom box makes an excellent sample presentation. When you have too many options for a binder, a custom corrugate solutions can get you exactly what you need. With all the customizing options, your sample kit will have great shelf and desk presence as well as ease of use. Corrugates have a wide range of print options and can be designed to hold almost anything you need them to!


We help you with product design

Corporate Image understands that your projects are unique and can work with you to find a solution that works for what you make.Our in-house product designers work with your sketches and ideas to create mock-ups and templates. You will know exactly what you are getting before you order.

A sample book can take many forms, and different materials require new solutions. We can help create a beautiful sample book no matter how you want to showcase your products and finishes.

Corporate Image innovates and delivers exceptional products for you. Let us help you get the support and quality you need for fantastic presentations, and lower stress levels! 

8 New Print Design Projects Get Inspired!

Working on information packaging projects? Sample Kits? 3-Ring binders? Cool pocket folders? and out of ideas?

We can help.

Here are some of the presentation folders, ring binders, boxes and other cool custom projects that went through Corporate Image recently. We thought we might share to show you some cool print design projects to get you psyched about your own projects!

custom portfolio closure pocket folder - Corporate Image

Don’t for get print in your campaign! Print offers you a tactile connection to your customer, stimulating sales and a strong commitment to your brand. Check out these 8 awesome print design projects and start drafting your own!

Featured Projects: 12 Great Designs to Check Out

12 Amazing Presentation Marketing Kits

Ready to see amazing projects that designers are putting together?  Fasten your seatbelt! From presentation binders to great sample kits, there are a lot of great ideas to stimulate you for your next project!

The project cover presentation materials for everything from the financial industry to medical, building to manufacturing to retail – so the chances are you will find an inspiring piece for what you are working on.


Great Sample kit for Flooring samples - Corporate Image

This piece holds flooring samples in an easy, well branded way that allows customers to quickly see their options and not have to juggle 5-10 different samples to see what they want.

Come See All 12 Great  Presentation Product Designs!

Whether you are new to 3-ring binders and box design or an old hand, we can help you with your own presentation kits from our in house packaging design team to award winning manufacturing.


Versatile and Groundbreaking: Sales and Marketing Kits that stand out

Versatile Marketing and Sales Kits

Sometimes you need to present information, samples and instruction books and want to tie them together with a unified look, quality and design. Corporate Image has the packaging experts to help you with what you need.

Sales boxes are a valuable option when you are looking to present your materials whether you are showcasing product of just information.  Why?

  1. Sales Boxes stand out. A printed sales box has a lot of room for graphics.
  2. The graphics for your box can match all of the collateral pieces in quality.
  3. Marketing kits can be made from corrugate or paperboard depending on what you need.
  4. Sales Boxes look like a present, and everyone loves opening presents.
  5. Things don’t fall out of a sales box, since they have a closed lid.
  6. Some things you just can’t put in a binder.

Case study #1: Construction and Architecture sample kits

Simonton Windows: Complete sales and sample kit that includes product samples and information:

Finding an ingenious way to package window samples with information on all of the finishes and styles of windows you offer is not easy.  Simonton along with our packaging designers created a beautiful kit that speaks volumes about the company even before you open it.

sales and sample boxes - Corporate Image

see more here!

Case Study #2: Health Care Patient Information kits

Delta Dental: Health plan information for multiple plans.

Delta Dental put together a phenomenal patient information kit that is humorous, beautiful and organized.  With two pocket folders, and a series of tabbed folders for different health plans, this custom box makes healthcare look fun. For that alone they should be applauded.

Healthcare sales and patient information kits - Corporate Image


see more here!

Whether you are designing sales and marketing kits for the healthcare, construction, energy or financial sectors, these custom boxes can help keep your information organized with consistent branding.

Marketing Engineering and Construction? A Resource.

Engineering and Construction firms have special marketing needs.  Corporate Image has worked in this industry for many years giving us the insight and expertise to help you get exactly what you want.

Eco friendly marketing kits for engineering and constructionFrom custom 3-ring proposal and spec binders to paperboard and corrugate sample kits and pocket folders, you can get the quality printing and manufacturing that you demand in your own work.

We have found solutions to showcase window frames, bricks, tiles, carpets as well as the best proposal binders you can find.

Our products are eco friendly from the 3-ring binders to the corrugate boxes, printed with eye popping color soy inks on FSC certified papers.

Whether you are in the contract industry, engineering  or construction let us help you get the quality and impact you deserve.


Corporate Image Design Support

Create the best possible presentation packaging with a custom prototype and digital template.

If needed, one of our Corporate Image sales representatives will enlist the help of our product design team to collaborate with you on developing a custom presentation product. We’ll help you sell your idea. There’s no charge for producing an initial prototype of a custom design, built to your specifications. Multiple copies for presentations are available for a small fee.

When you’re ready to begin the final design phase of your custom binder, pocket folder or box project, we will email a template to you. This ensures that your final product will match your design and eliminates the worry about critical details like score lines, glue strips, tuck flaps and die cutting tolerances.

Don’t just take our word for it,

“At The HON Company, we needed to tell our sustainability story and worked with Corporate Image to produce a unique, environmentally friendly package. From knowing which eco-friendly materials to use, through package design, Corporate Imaged showed they really understood our needs and the importance of matching our message with the right presentation solution.”
Chad Johnson, The HON Company

Designing for Presenting Construction, Engineering and Building Materials

Architectural and Engineering firms need to be organized, whether for proposals, client presentations or in-house tracking of projects.

Information binders for Interior Design - Corporate Image


Corporate Image and Naked Binder offer both off the shelf and custom printed 3-ring binders and pocket folders that strong, recycled options for what you need.  We specialize in products that are built to last and have both strong design features and a cradle to cradle mentality.

Whether you are presenting a proposal for a new bridge to a state, a re-design of a house, or offering a brand book of building materials -the best furniture, tiles, lamps and accents – to Interior Designers, you need a strong well made piece to stand out.


Our 3-ring binders have been tested to 250,000 flexes – meaning you could use it 20 times a day for the next 30 years. These may be the strongest 3-ring binders in the world. In an industry building the architectural wonders of tomorrow, that solidity gives confidence to your clients as well as saving you money on replacing binders.

Need it now? Customize as you need them!

Naked Binder offers a line of off-the-shelf binders and folders that you can have in hand tomorrow. Our entire line of amazingly designed 3 ring binders and pocket folders are recycled and recyclable (great for many government and industry proposals).  Order on line today and send that proposal tomorrow.  We work with some of the most talented firms in the US and Canada.

Custom Binders, Folders and Sample Kits

Corporate Image offers a huge range of options from customizing.  Digitally printed short run binders you can have in hand in a week, or fully offset printed binders (with options of debossing, foiled stamping, spot varnish and custom die cuts).

If you would like to see some projects other companies in the building industry have put together, check them out here.

Quality, interesting materials and eco friendly options.

There is a reason that furniture, flooring, construction and engineering firms come to us.  The outstanding quality and craftsmanship of our products reflects the care and attention you put into your own work.

Stand out with interesting materials, excellent printing of your graphics and a range of eco-friendly binders, folders and boxes. For more on sample kits look here.

Sample kits and boxes for the construction industry

If you are a manufacturer that works with the building industry, you know you have a lot of competition.  You need a way to showcase your samples that stands out.

At Corporate Image, we have worked with furniture, lighting, tile and stone, carpet, glass and many many more industries to find a way to present samples and hardware.  Our in-house designers can work out details to insure your samples are safe, beautifully presented and give you a custom template to design your art work.

Call us to get more information or samples on our sample presentation kits and boxes.

Corrugated Packaging Makes Great Sample Kits

Corporate Image offers versatile solutions for holding samples

When it comes to packaging samples for display or a trade show, Corporate Image can deliver a standard box or create a customized sample kit to hold unusual sizes, configurations and shapes. They offer complete design flexibility. This durable solution is CLICK TO READ MORE

Pack Up Your Samples in a Custom Corrugate Box

Corrugate offers unlimited options for packaging samples

This durable solution is lightweight yet incredibly strong. Corporate Image boxes can be customized in an infinite number of ways. They can be direct printed on smooth brown kraft or bleached white corrugated stock, or a laminated offset printed sheet can be applied to the corrugate, creating a beautiful package. A deep ebony option is also available.

When you need to show building materials, tile, glass, stone or other heavy materials, a corrugated box can offer a secure and endlessly customizable option.  Whether you need custom slots to hold materials, unique shapes and closures or specific PMS colors and printing, Corporate Image can take of you.

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